10 Best Lethal Company Mods You Should Install

Lethal Company has become one of the most popular games and surprisingly, it quickly gained mod support. And like most PC games that support modding, you have tons of options to choose from. This article discusses our favorite Lethal Company mods that you should try. Some of them add simple QoL features, while others instantly turn the game into a comedy feast. So, with that said, let’s take a look at the mods.

We have a devotee Lethal Company’s Modding Guide to help you prepare the game for mod installation. We recommend that you read this guide step by step before continuing.

1. Larger lobby

Lethal Company best lobby mods

We had to put this mod at the top because it makes the game more chaotic and fun. BiggerLobby from bizzlemip increases the lobby size from four players to a whopping 40 players. So if you have a large group of people running amok doing the business tasks, this is the mod you need.

However, we recommend that you try this mod after experiencing the vanilla game. Lethal Company was created with four-player co-op in mind. This means that the game will be balanced and everything else will be thrown off the ship with this mod. So try it with your friends on a random weekend evening with a separate save.

2. Spoils from ships

Ship Loot best mods for Lethal Company

The current system for calculating loot credits on your ship involves scanning them together in one batch. However, unless they are right in front of you, it is difficult to get an accurate total for all the leftovers. Ship Loot from tinyhoot solves this by adding a counter at the bottom right of your screen.

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This counter shows the full credit cost of all loot in your spaceship. So you don’t have to worry about collecting all the loot in one place and scanning it to find out the total cost of the items.

3. Change item quickly

10 Best Lethal Company Mods You Must Install

The following is a quality of life (QoL) mod that we desperately needed, and we’re glad someone made it. ArticleQuickSwitch from vasanex is a hotkey mod which allows you to quickly switch to the items you want by pressing 1 to 4.

Since the game has a maximum of four slots to carry items, the number keys are automatically linked to them. The mod switches your dance and point emotes to the F1 and F2 keys. So you can still shake your leg or accuse your friend by pointing at him or her.

4. Adjust field of view

Change FOV Lethal Company mods

Tired of playing Lethal Company in the same standard FOV? Do you want to change the FOV to the desired values ​​and enjoy the game? Then FOV adjustment by Rozebud is for you. This mod allows you to adjust your FOV in-game to your desired value, making it accessible to everyone. You should type /fov followed by the FOV value in the text chat to change it.

5. Extra packs

More spacesuits

Once you install the larger lobby mod, you’ll need something to distinguish each of your crew members. That’s where this mod from AlexCodesGames steps in. Additional suits add more color options for spacesuits in the ship. So if you want to split your party into teams, you can color code and go on an adventure.

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6. Change flashlight

Flashlight enables Lethal Company mods

Flashlight in Lethal Company is a separate item slot that you continuously switch between. This adds a scare factor to the game. But what about the days when you don’t feel like serious gaming sessions? Renegades’ flashlight switch mod helps.

This mod ensures that your flashlight is mounted on your spacesuit. It still takes up an item slot, but you can use a flashlight while carrying items.

7. Reserved Walkie Slot

Pre-ordered Radio Slot Lethal Company mods

Another item that makes the game exciting and realistic by design is the walkie-talkie; an item you can purchase and use to talk to your teammates remotely at any time. However, it takes up inventory space and you cannot use it while carrying items.

Reserved Walkie Slot from Flipmods helps solve that problem. It adds the Walkie-Talkie in one separate slot, which frees up the main inventory. When you want to use it, hold down the Alt key and scroll up or down. Additionally, by holding X while carrying something, you can speak on the radio.


LC API by 2018 is a tool that makes your modding life extremely simple. It’s a modding API that helps manage your mod files, sync data between clients, add server utilities like alerting players to modded servers, and load an asset bundle.

Simply put, it makes your life easier, almost making it an important part of Lethal Company’s modding. Make sure you download it.

9. Late company

Another game-changing mod that makes the experience a casual affair for those who want to enjoy it instead of being sent offline by aliens is Late Company by anormaltwig. This allows players to join a friend’s session mid-game after landing on a planet.

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So if a friend comes home a little later than the planned expedition, he or she can immediately join the game and have fun.

10. Helmet cameras

Lethal Company allows one player to stay on the ship and instruct his fellow workers through abandoned factories. However, the visual aids available to assist teammates are limited to radar with player blips. This gets boring sometimes.

RickArg’s Helmet Cameras mod fixes that by using the second large monitor on your ship to display your teammates’ POV in the form of their mounted camera. So you can vividly see the carnage and chaos in the factory.

Here are our picks for some of the best Lethal Company mods you can download to improve your gameplay. We will add more mods to this list in the future. So, are you enjoying Lethal Company? Share your experiences with us below.

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