10 Best Minecraft 1.19 Survival Seeds (2022)

10 Best Minecraft 1.19 Survival Seeds (2022)

Once again, with Minecraft 1.19 Update, the world of Minecraft is more dangerous than ever before. It holds fresh dangers in the form of the newly added Ancient Citiesnew structures, and a scary mob called Warden. And the perfect way to get on with all these adventures is with the best Minecraft 1.19 survival seeds. We have collected lonely islands, hostile spawns, and even almost unsurvivable seeds for you. There’s something for everyone in this article. But make sure you have knowledge of all Minecraft biomes to have a chance of surviving. Now, let’s stop beating around the bush and explore the best Minecraft 1.19 survival seeds right away!

Best Minecraft 1.19 Survival Seeds (2022)

Most of the seeds listed below work on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. But in case there is a seed that’s exclusive to either of the two editions, we have mentioned that explicitly, along with the coordinates of key locations. That said, let’s dive in.

1. The Hole of Death

The Hole of Death - Best Minecraft 1.19 Survival Seeds

Most Minecraft 1.19 survival seeds aim to check if you are skilled enough to survive, and our first seed does so perfectly. It spawns you next to a stream of water that pushes you into a large lava lake if you’re not quick enough and don’t move right away. If you somehow survive the push, you still get trapped in a dark pit with hostile mobs, lava, and a steep fall awaiting you. The only good thing about this Minecraft seed is that you get a cluster of diamonds at the bottom of the hole.

  • Seed Code: 1870652620
  • Spawn Biome: desert
  • diamonds coordinates: -145, -48, -58

2. Ice Age But Worse!

Unless you have the right resources, the snow biomes in Minecraft are hard to survive. There are almost no food sources, snowy death traps, and in this seed, almost no trees as well. You spawn on a tiny snowy island with a frozen ocean surrounding you on all sides. In case you still have hope, there is no village either. The only way to survive here is fishing or reaching other biomes before you starve to death.

  • Seed Code: -510513385
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Plains
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3. Two Woodland Mansions at Spawn

Home to the Illager family of mobs, which you can read about in our detailed Minecraft mobs guide, Woodland Mansion is one of the rarest structures in the game. This structure only spawns in the dark forest biome, is extremely dangerous, and is a hub of hostile mobs because of huge low-light areas. But consider it a blessing or a curse that you spawn in a huge dark forest with two woodland mansions facing each other.

Such a unique spot is perfect for looting but can also put an end to your adventure. You have to keep hostile mobs at bay inside and outside the mansions. And while doing so, you must collect food and other resources too. We suggest you leave the biome at spawn and come back with some Minecraft potions to take over the mansions later on in the game.

  • Seed Code: 192019146 (Java Only)
  • Spawn Biome: dark forest
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates: 141, 74, -336
  • Second Woodland Mansion Coordinates: 208, 63, 45

4. Nether in Overworld – Minecraft 1.19 Survival Seed

Nether in Overworld - Best Minecraft 1.19 Survival Seeds

While imagining Minecraft’s Nether dimension, it’s hard not to think about the huge lava lakes that can kill you immediately. This seed creates a cave system based around lava right beneath your spawn point. The location is loaded with minecraft ores, but only if you are brave enough to collect them. If nothing else, you will get enough lava to make a nether portal in Minecraft more than once.

  • Seed Code: -561080929598229479
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Plains
  • Biggest Lava Lake Coordinates: -64, -43, 319

5. Three Ancient Cities at Spawn

If you truly want to push survival Minecraft to its limits, then fighting the Warden is inevitable. And there’s no other seed to do it on except the one with three Ancient cities beneath the spawn point. you can find the Ancient City and start at one, collecting resources and making your way to the others steadily. Make sure to collect all the resources and make a recovery compass as insurance.

  • Seed Code: -5514178529536197265
  • Spawn Biome: badlands
  • Closest Ancient City: -376, -51, 136 (Java)
  • Closest Anciency City: -200, -51, 72 (bed rock)

6. Where Will You Run Now?

This Minecraft 1.19 survival seed spawns you next to a Pillager outpost, whose residents are out for blood. There is no way to fight them at the time of spawning, so running is the only way to survive at first. But, of course, it’s not that simple. On your left is a Witch’s hut, and the slow swamp biome is everywhere else. This seed is a unique test of your skills; not many will survive.

  • Seed Code: 1191078912 (Java only)
  • Spawn Biome: Swamp
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7. Mangrove Swamp Island

There can be no list of Minecraft 1.19 survival seeds without a survival island seed, and here’s ours. Instead of a generally empty survival island, this seed gives you a thick survival island with jungle and mangrove swamp biomes. You can get basic resources from the jungle and then freely explore the new mangrove swamps.

Once you are done, you will have enough wood to make a boat in minecraft, but before leaving, take a couple of frogs with you. The island is filled with them. And later, you can breed the frogs in minecraft to get even more of them.

  • Seed Code: -7135175970849399448
  • Spawn Biome: jungle

8. Good Badlands

This seed is unique in terms of its dangers and resources. You spawn in a huge badlands biome with deep cave opening, lava pits, and hostile mobs. Luckily, there is also an exposed Mineshaft whose chests will get you ready to fight. Lastly, the only troubling part left for you to handle is finding food, which doesn’t exist.

  • Seed Code: -3864064841812985513 (Java)
  • Spawn Biome: badlands
  • Opening Coordinates: 35, 72, 155
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9. Hold Your Breath Minecraft 1.19 Survival Seed

What’s harder than dangerous survival Minecraft seeds, you ask? The ones that don’t even give you a chance to survive. This one is in the latter group as it spawns you underwater inside Minecraft’s ocean with no piece of land in sight. Now, it’s up to you to swim to any nearby land, which is hundreds of blocks away. Or you can dive down and figure out something creative.

  • Seed Code: 2607133457590840792
  • Spawn Biome: Ocean

10. Too Hot to Handle

Due to a lack of food, wood, and water, deserts are one of the toughest biomes in Minecraft to survive. And this Minecraft 1.19 seed takes it a step further by spawning you inside one of the largest hot desert biomes. There are no reliable resources, no food-based mobs, and even no trees for tools. If you don’t get out of there, nothing can save you from starving till respawning.

  • Seed Code: -8327900813967122503
  • Spawn Biome: desert

Explore the Top Minecraft 1.19 Survival Seeds

You are now ready to test your survival skills and explore all the best Minecraft 1.19 survival seeds. Some of them are more dangerous than others, so make sure to use enchantments in Minecraft as early as possible. However, these seeds probably won’t be a good option if you are a speedrunner. Instead, it would be best if you tried some of our best speed running seeds for a boost like nothing else. Some of them are as good as the custom minecraft maps. Though, which is your favorite Minecraft seed? Tell us in the comments below!

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