5 Best Shaders for Minecraft 1.19 in 2022

When compared to other sandbox games, the ever-popular Minecraft majorly lags behind in terms of graphics. And since it is a blocky pixelated textures-based game, most new players don’t even expect much. But what if you could get realistic graphics in the same block-based world of Minecraft? if you know how to install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.19, the counterintuitive realistic graphics of Minecraft can truly come to life. All you need are the best shaders for Minecraft 1.19, and a system powerful enough to run them. So, let’s stop beating around the bush and make the HD graphics a reality with the best shaderpacks for Minecraft 1.19.

Best Shaders for Minecraft 1.19 (July 2022)

All the shaders on our list deliver unique functionality and are compatible with everything new that Minecraft 1.19 brings to the table. And because of distinctive offerings, we haven’t ranked our list in any way. Use the table below to find the perfect shader for your needs.

1. BSL Shaders

Opening with a reliable option, BSL’s shaderpacks have been a trustworthy option to get good graphics in Minecraft for years. It keeps the vanilla experience intact while pushing the game’s graphics to modern standards. During the day and in well-lit areas, this shaderpack has volumetric light real time shadows natural colorsheavy bloom, and similar visual effects.

Without BSL Shaders in DayBSL Shaders in Day
Before vs After

But do keep in mind that the way BSL handles the spreading of light isn’t something that everyone likes. Due to the fog-like treatment of light, the bloom effects can feel over the top at times. Similarly, BLS’s treatment of water as a transparent but dark liquid isn’t considered the best from a tactical point of view. Sometimes, you can completely miss the water in the low-light areas unless there is a high-level light source nearby.

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Ancient City without BSL Shaders in DayAncient City BSL Shaders

Luckily, BSL shaders offer options within the game for players to customize the default settings easily, so you can tweak them as per your preferences. Also, if you want to fight warden in minecraftthis might be the best and brightest Minecraft 1.19 shader that you can get.

Download BSL Shaders for Minecraft 1.19

2. AstraLex Shaders

If you only want to use Minecraft 1.19 shaders to get a good screenshot to share on some of the best social media sites, AstraLex is the best choice. Whether it’s day or night, this shader is easily the most vibrant, welcoming, and dynamic option out there. it is based on the BSL shaders but does a variety of things better than BSL.

Mangrove without AstraLex ShadersMangrove with AstraLex Shaders for Minecraft 1.19
Before vs After

During the day, AstraLex offers dynamic lightingreflective water, moving shadowssubtle glowing entities, and a various weather cycle† You can even see a rainbow within Minecraft with this shader pack. And when night falls, this shader also lives up to the name and give us a cosmic sky.

Ancient City without AstraLex ShadersAncient City with AstraLex Shaders
Before vs After

And if you don’t want to wait for the night, you can even head to the Ancient cities to witness stars on the ground. AstraLex turns the new sculk blocks into glowing dots that light the area enough for you to survive. But what they do even better is give players an unforgettable experience of the deep dark.

Download AstraLex shaders for Minecraft 1.19

3. Kappa Shaders

As described by its developer, Kappa aims to delivera realistic, but also authentic lookwithin Minecraft. So what you get is a world that’s lit in a way similar to our own. Because of that, the days are extra bright and nights are scarily darker. Other than these unique light-based tweaks, Kappa offers anti-aliasing, dynamic shadows, low atmospheric scattery, volumetric skies, and more.

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Ancient City without KappaMinecraft in Day with Kappa
Before vs After

Unless you are in dark areas, this shader has one of the best-looking water reflections in Minecraft. The reflections in the water are dynamic enough to not make it look like a mirror. Moreover, Kappa also keeps the vanilla biome-based tones of water that a lot of shaders miss.

Ancient City without Kappa Shaders for Minecraft 1.19Ancient City with Kappa Shaders for Minecraft 1.19
Before vs After

Even with such promising results, a place where Kappa inevitably struggles is the caves. They are usually super dark and hard to navigate through. One might argue that it’s similar to a real-world cave experience, but if you plan to explore Ancient cities, Kappa can put you at a major disadvantage. Though, the light-show it puts up in such areas, in a way, makes up for it.

Download Kappa Shaders for Minecraft 1.19


SEUS or Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders’ only goal is to provide you RTX-like ray-tracing in the game without using any RTX graphics card† It relies on traditional rasterization-based rendering to maintain your system’s performance while offering good graphics. Unlike other shaders in the game, SEUS has its own ray reflection system called Path Traced Global Illumination or PTGI.

Mangrove Swamps without SEUS Shaders for Minecraft 1.19Mangrove Swamps with SEUS Shaders for Minecraft 1.19

Due to the serious focus on the way light works in Minecraft, SEUS allows us to experience a realistic Minecraft world without using additional visual effects like gloom or an out-of-the-world weather system. Due to the developers’ personal reasons, the shader pack is awaiting an update since 2020, but it still works quite well with Minecraft 1.19. That’s because of its dependency on light values ​​in the game rather than the individual blocks.

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Ancient City without SEUSAncient City with SEUS

The Ancient cities and the Nether structures with SEUS feel like something truly separate from the game’s overworld. And even with their surprisingly fresh appearance, they remain reliable for tactical gameplay.

Download SEUS PTGI Shaders for Minecraft 1.19

5. Acid Shaders

Finally, to sum up our list of best Minecraft 1.19 shaders, we have something truly unthinkable and trippy. The Acid shaders pack make your Minecraft world appear wobbly and distorted† You can’t walk straight without falling into weird spots — let alone fighting powerful mobs. It might not be ideal for most players, but the ones looking for challenges will appreciate Acid shaders for sure.

Without Shaders during Day (Best Shaders for Minecraft 1.18)Acid Shaders during Day

Because it only adds surface-level effects to the game, you can use this shaderpack on almost any version of the game, including Minecraft 1.19 without facing issues. But we suggest you practice on the best parkour maps before turning your world into a visual disaster.

Download Acid Shaders

Install the Top Shaders for Minecraft 1.19 Right Now

With these best Minecraft 1.19 shaders at your disposal, you are now ready to explore the game in all its glory. But you can’t do so without getting some of the best minecraft texture packs too. They are compatible with most shaders and can truly transform your game. However, if the visual transformation isn’t enough for you, the best minecraft 1.19 mods can help you change the way the game functions altogether. But you can’t use them without installing Forge in Minecraft first. With that said, which is your favorite Minecraft shader? Tell us in the comments!

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