5 Iconic Fortnite OG Map Locations You Should Visit

The Fortnite OG map is back with Season 4 Chapter 5, and with the new update it brings back some of the iconic locations from the original 2018 map. Epic Games has extensively modified the original map over the years, with points of interest (POIs) destroyed by meteors and the like, based on the storyline. To celebrate the illustrious history of the Battle Royale game, Fortnite has now reintroduced the nostalgia map for everyone to enjoy once again. While experienced players will feel right at home, new players may need guidance.

Want to go to some of the iconic locations on the Fortnite OG map? Then look no further, because we have collected all these POIs in this guide. So if you want to pick the first spot for a hot drop, look no further.

1. Tilted towers

5 Iconic Fortnite OG Map Locations You Must Visit

One of the OG locations since the beginning of the game, everyone knows Tilted Towers of Fortnite. Even players who have barely touched the game may recognize this location, and for good reason. Tilted Towers is established squat in the middle of the map, meaning players can create a hot drop from any starting point and move towards it.

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This made this particular location super popular, especially among streamers. In addition, thanks to its positioning on the map, it is easy to rotate to other POIs on the map without any problems, even on foot. The loot was always top notch in Tilted Towers, which is why so many preferred to drop here and fight straight away. This location has transformed over the years based on the seasons, but has consistently held its place among the most popular locations in the game.

2. Pleasant park

Fortnite AND Pleasant Park locations
Image credit: Official Fortnite Wiki

Another old location that has been popular among regular Fortnite players. Pleasant Park is, as the name suggests, a quaint suburban park with lots of homes where you can hide and ambush players, or just fight them directly. This is one of those places where you have an impressive number of multi-story suburban homes. Be it the hills or the two-storey houses.

Beyond that, the loot spawn is modest and favors players who land in this location first. Scattered around the area you will find green and purple weapons with a plethora of support items. So if you’re quick and lucky, you can grab the good stuff and continue on the OG map. I see a lot of players coming here just for nostalgia.

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3. Greasy bunch

Fortnite OG Locations Greasy Grove
Image credit: Official Fortnite Wiki

Greasy Grove, one of my favorite places to visit, is a suburb a food restaurant and again, countless houses with loot and chests to prepare quickly. This place was originally a frozen lake and is of course located in the left corner of the map, west of the Shifty Shafts. Greasy Grove has also undergone many changes over the years, and although it returned with Fortnite Season 10, the layout of many buildings changed.

Greasy Grove also contains a modest amount of loot in the houses, and vending machines can be found near the shops. However, due to the location, it may take some time to get around, which shouldn’t be a problem if you come across a vehicle (or in this case, a cart).

4. Alternating axes

Unreliable shafts
Image credit: Official Fortnite Wiki

If Greasy Grove doesn’t catch your attention, Shifty Shafts is the alternative you could look for on the Fortnite OG map. This is another favorable decline point for many reasons. This mining post is located a little further away from the popular location. This means you can land here straight away and expect less resistance from other players. Outside of that, you can look for almost any kind of weapon and resource from this area, and since there aren’t many people popping out here, it’s up to you to take it with you.

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This is one of the few locations in Fortnite that has that remained unchanged over the years, for the biggest part. Even if changes have been made, the usual layout has remained largely the same. As such, the return of this OG location will be a nostalgic throwback for several Fortnite players.

5. Dusty depot

5 Iconic Fortnite OG Map Locations You Must Visit
Image credit: Official Fortnite Wiki

Dusty Depot looks pretty normal compared to the other entries in this series. It’s a parking lot with three buildings on the map, which looks very inconspicuous. But the location also makes it a great strategic part of the actual action. You can always go into the parking lot and take a breather from all the chaos on the map. Moreover, Dusty Depot has also become a good place to go and explore because of its location.

So these are our picks for some of the original locations we’d like to put on the Fortnite OG map. As always, don’t forget to thank the bus driver! Anyway, which OG location are you looking forward to revisiting on the old map? Let us know in the comments below.

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