7 Best Abilities for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2, for all its next-gen upgrades, also comes with several useful skills and abilities for each of our superheroes. However, a lot of variety can also lead to confusion about which skill you should actually choose. We had the same confusion, so after we finished the game we sat down and went through them all to make a list. So, without further delay, here are the best abilities for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2.

Remark: There are massive spoilers for the Spider-Man 2 game below. So if you haven’t played the game yet, we recommend proceeding with caution.

Best Venom skills for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2

About a quarter of the way through the game, Peter receives the Venom suit, which slowly begins to grant him abilities. While they’re all pretty amazing, these are the best in our opinion.

1. Symbiote blast

We start the list with one of the best and most sought-after abilities for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2. The Symbiote punch, like its Venom counterpart, is a quick but devastating attack that you can unleash on your enemy. However, unlike Miles, Peter wields this blow with much more ferocity, making it all the more deadly. The Symbiote Punch essentially unleashes a tentacle punch that knocks enemies back.

Symbiote Punch Spiderman 2

If the enemies are close enough to buildings, the blow will even pin them to walls or floors, killing them instantly. Although Symbiote Punch only targets one enemy, it has a large impact on the area around it, making it a good control punch for multiple enemies as well. So if you start with your Venom suit, equip this ability.

2. Symbiote explosion

In many ways, the Symbiote Blast just refers to a Peter who is extremely frustrated. As such, that ability reflects that emotion. The Symbiote Blast is a largely effective outward blast that takes place through the Venom suit. When used, the suit launches symbiote spikes in all different directions. This ability has a multifaceted effect.

Symbiote Blast Spiderman 2

It not only damages enemies instantly, but also throws them back with force. This, as before, can lead to them getting stuck in walls or disabling them completely if damaged enough. Additionally, Symbiote Blast charges relatively quickly, making it convenient for repeated use.

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3. Symbiote attack

If you like our list of the best Spider-Man 2 skills, you already know this one. For those who don’t know, Symbiote Strike is an extremely damaging and aggressive ability that Peter gains with the Venom suit. The attack sends Peter into the air, exploding with dozens of tentacles and charging towards enemies.

symbiote attack Peter Parket ability

Anyone in the way is pulled in and thrown back once the move is complete. If the Symbiote Strike is made too close to a wall, the Venom suit will stick them there. This is a group attack and therefore targets multiple enemies. So make sure you get the Symbiote Strike ability for Peter.

4. Symbiote Yank

After the blow, the Symbiote Yank was one of the most exciting abilities we saw in gameplay trailers. While the Yank also has a fast crowd control ability, it adds strength, both physically and aesthetically. Simply put, the Symbiote Yank allows Peter to push multiple tentacles out of his hand that grab enemies and pull them towards him.

symbiote yank spiderman 2 power

However, as mentioned earlier, this ability is more like actually punching it into the ground. While the Yank is initially limited to just four, it can be upgraded to ignore this limit. This means that at its peak you can grab as many as ten enemies at once, making the Symbiote Yank a force to be reckoned with.

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Best anti-poison and normal skills for Peter Parker

In addition to the great Venom abilities, Spider-Man 2 also has abilities from previous games in store. Additionally, players also get some interesting anti-Venom abilities that will come in handy in the second half. Let’s take a look at the best of Peter Parker below.

5. Anti-poison bomb

As you progress through Spider-Man 2, you’ll encounter Venom-based enemies that will give you serious bang for your buck. Although this mini-poison can be defeated by normal Spidey attacks, Peter later gets an awesome suit that gives him anti-poison powers. One of these powers is the Anti-Venom Bomb.

Anti-Venom bomb spiderman 2

True to what it says, this ability causes Peter to throw a volatile symbiote projectile, which explodes on contact. Since it is a bomb, it damages all enemies within the blast radius. The Anti-Venom Bomb destroys most enemies in one go and knocks back those still alive. So the next time you feel outnumbered, make sure you use this ability on Peter in Spider-Man 2.

6.Spider Rush

One of the coolest and fastest abilities for Peter in Spider-Man 2 is Spider Rush. Using the spider exoskeleton we saw in the 2018 game, the Spider Rush causes Peter to get tension through the ground and propel himself forward. Naturally, any enemies in your path are automatically damaged and knocked into the walls, if there are any.

Spider Rush Spiderman 2

However, keep in mind that the effect cone is not very large, so you will only trap a maximum of three enemies in the area. But considering that enemies in Spider-Man 2 sometimes gang up, a well-executed Spider Rush attack can take them out in one hit. Give this early game ability a try by equipping Peter with it.

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7. Spider barrage

The Spider arms that extend above can be used for many more attacks than just attacking enemies. For example, the Spider Barrage is an ability that unleashes a series of attacks through the spider’s arms. These fast but heavy attacks damage enemies, making them excellent for quickly taking out one or two enemies.

Spider Barrage Spiderman 2

While the opening moves are quick, the ending of Spider Barrage knocks the enemy back with heavy force to wipe them out completely. It’s worth combining this skill with one of the Venom skills above to get a nice set going. So the next time you’re looking for a nice combination, keep the Spider Barrage in mind.

We hope you make your battles easier by equipping the above skills for Peter in Spider-Man 2. Remember that Miles also has his own skills, so make sure you check them out to get an idea of ​​which one to use. Already done? Check out these best Spider-Man 2 gadgets and create your own arsenal. So which of Peter’s skills is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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