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Advantages and DisAdvantages of Liker Apps

We are here to tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of liker apps which are available on the internet.

And we will also tell you about those apps which are 100% safe & free to use, so first of all, let’s head over to the advantages of liker apps.

To get followers, likes on all of the Facebook posts, comments on your posts & shares of your posts & video you need to make your facebook ID privacy from only me to Public ones.

There are many advantages of the liker apps some of them i am going to mention below:

Advantages of Liker Apps

When it comes to usage of liker apps then the LikerApk is one of the amazing auto liker apps with a lot of features:

  • It will provide you the followers on your facebook ID, you can get as much as you want
  • It provides likes on all of your fb post & comments now you have available the reactions.
  • Now you can also get likes on your comments which you did on the public posts
  • You can now also send likes on your web pages as much as you want . Those people who liked your web pages will definitely open your webpage later.
  • You can engage the audience very easily by getting likes on all of the fb posts.
  • You can also, show your ID followers, likes and much more to your friends & family they will be shocked after watching this.

So, if you really want to do this everything will happen with Liker APK which will provide fb followers, Likes, comments & shares too.

Now Head over to the disadvantages of the liker apps which you need to know about.

Disadvantages of Liker Apps

There are few disadvantages of liker apps which i am clearly going to mention below so, stay with us.

  • Well, by using liker apps too much will lead to ban your social IDs because you use liker apps too much to get more & more likes that’s why you’re doing the spamming.
  • We will prefer to use liker apps 10-15 times a day otherwise your social ID may get identity verification.

So, if you want to secure your social ID then never ever use any liker app more than 15 times a day otherwise as I already mentioned above it may lead to ban your fb account instantly.

But one interesting thing is here is when you use liker apk it will give you 500 likes per usage so, what else do you need more? Others liker apps only provide almost 200 likes only.

The liker apk provides 100% of the original likes, followers, comments & shares where other apps sometimes use the bots to provide you the likes but those likes are just remains for only 1 hour or less than that.

So, after all I will say that choice is yours we are here to share the right thing with the audience which works for them.

Thank you for reading.


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