All Loki Season 2 Villains: Kang the Conqueror to Zaniac

Loki season 2 villains

Loki Season 2 is here with its first episode and it’s fun to see Marvel building up their next big villain, Kang the Conquerer. Although Kang hasn’t appeared yet, he seems to be the main villain of the series. However, if we are talking about Loki villains from season 2, yes, villains, then that is not a grammatical error, because folks, in this season there will not be just one villain, but several. So in this article we are going to discuss a series of villains that will be part of it Loki season 2 cast. So without further delay, let’s dive into our dastardly endeavor!

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen Loki season 2 yet Episode 1 or season 1, this article contains major spoilers. This is also a preliminary list, and we will update it if and when new villains are revealed in the Loki TV series.

1. Victor Timely (Kang the Conqueror)

Victor Timely
Source: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

I’m sure that of the Loki Season 2 villains, Victory Timely will be the worst. I can make this assumption because he has been teased Ant-Man Quantamania long before he would appear in Loki season 2. Before season 2, Kang the Conqueror appeared as He Who Remains in the Loki season 1 finale, once again serving as the series’ main antagonist.

Victor Timely was first introduced in the Avengers Annual #21 in the year 1992 as an alternate version of Kang the Conquerer, if you’ve read the comics you may know how threatening this guy can be, but of course he won’t be the same as his version from the comics. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be just as deadly or even more deadly. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited to see how well or how poorly Marvel manages to pull this off.

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2. Ravonna Renslayer

Judge Ravonna Reneslayer
Source: Disney+

We all witnessed Judge Renslayer being one of the most manipulative and deceitful villains in Loki Season 1, willing to defend the TVA to some extent even though she was fully aware that what they were doing was wrong used to be. She was the one responsible for pruning Hunter C-20 when she became aware of the fact that she was not created by the Timekeepers, but rather kidnapped from her timeline by the TVA. She even pruned Mobius, the one she called her best friend when he discovered the truth about the TVA, and because of that it’s pretty clear how threatening of a villain she is.

When it comes to Loki Season 2 villains, we haven’t seen her appear on screen yet, but I’m pretty sure she’ll appear sooner or later. In my opinion, when Loki went back in time and was pruned by an unknown person, that unknown person was none other than Judge Renslayer. What we now have to see is whether this assumption of mine is true or not in the upcoming episodes of Loki season 2.

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3. Hunter X-5 (Brad Wolfie/Zaniac)

Fighter X-5
Source: Disney+

One of the newer characters introduced in Loki Season 2 is Hunter X-5. In the very first episode, we see Hunter He seems to be General Dox’s right-hand man who does all her dirty work. At the end of the first episode we see him go out with many other hunters to ‘capture’ Sylvie, but the kind of weapons they are carrying seems like they are going to kill her rather than capture her.

The Loki season 2 trailer features Hunter X-5 as a movie star named Brad Wolfie, who in the comics also becomes a villain named Zaniac responsible for killing several women. What we need to do now is see if this version of Zaniak in Loki season 2 will be like the ones we saw in the comics or not.

4. General Dox

General Dox
Source: Disney+

Another new character introduced in Loki season 2 is General Dox, one of the power brokers at the TVA. While we didn’t get much footage of her in the first episode of Loki season 2, she made it pretty clear that she isn’t friendly towards Loki or Sylvie at all. She wants Sylvie to be taken care of, as her murder of ‘He Who Remains’ disrupted the sacred timeline, causing several alternate realities to branch off.

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She is one of those characters in the series who want to keep things the way they were in the TVA, without addressing the factor of how much damage they are doing to the lives of millions of people. Like Renslayer, she seems very committed to the TVA, to the point where she would do anything at any cost for the TVA.

5. Miss minutes

miss minutes
Source: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

First appearing in Loki season 1, Miss Minutes is a highly advanced holographic artificial intelligence created to aid the members of the TVA. In season 1, she was the one who helped Loki through his training, but we later find out that she works for Kang and is extremely loyal to him. In the Loki season 2 trailer, we see a clip of Miss Minutes in a giant form trying to crush people under her feet.

From what we can imagine, she will appear as a minor villain in Loki season 2, but since she is ubiquitous in the TVA, she could also play a much more problematic role for Loki and his friends who are shaping up to be a much more threatening Loki season 2 villains.

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