Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) Review: The Screen That Follows You

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Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers are popular for their simplicity, ease of installation and use, and of course the ability to access information and audio-based content through voice commands. However, in my opinion, the Echo Show range is far more impressive and deserves a lot more consideration in adding visual cues and display-based functionality to the range. While some Echo Show products already exist, the newest is the company’s most expensive and technologically impressive to date.

Priced at Rs. 24,999, the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) is now the largest model in the product family. Like the rest of the series, the Echo Show 10 is a smart display and speaker in one, with a 10.1-inch screen and three-driver speaker system at the base. However, the device has a unique party trick: the screen is mechanically pivoted towards you so that you can clearly see what’s on display from anywhere in the device’s peripheral field of view.

That might sound impressive, but how does it work in practice? I put the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation) through several tests to see how well this unique smart device works, and here is my review.

You can use the browser to access websites on the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation).

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) Review: The Screen That Follows You

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation) design and specifications

While earlier Echo Show devices were a one-piece with a screen on the front and a speaker system on the back, the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) changes things pretty radically. This device essentially consists of two separate parts; the speaker system and other hardware are housed in the base unit, while the 10.1-inch screen with 1280 x 800 pixels is mounted on the top. This gives the impression that they are two separate units, even though they are firmly attached to each other.

The screen can be tilted up or down manually for better viewing and camera alignment, depending on the height at which the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) is placed. The bottom of the base unit is motorized so it can rotate in a full circle to look in any direction. The socket for the adapter supplied is located on the underside of the device, with a small opening for the cable feed-through so that the swivel mechanism remains unhindered.

There is no on / off switch; When plugged in, the Echo Show 10 is always on. This is a large smart display and speaker for home use, so it must always be plugged into an electrical outlet – there is no battery.

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While the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3. Of course, it cannot form a complete circle in some positions, e.g. on a wall or with objects next to it.

Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd generation Amazon review buttons

There are volume and microphone mute buttons, as well as a slider to physically cover the 13-megapixel camera

It is possible to adjust the range of motion so that the speaker knows when to stop turning; This can be done through the motion settings and is easy to configure. You can also set a rest position, which is the Echo Show 10’s default orientation when in standby mode. It’s also worth noting that movement and tracking depend on good light, so the rotation mechanism is disabled in dark or dimly lit rooms.

The Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) has two 1-inch tweeters and a single 3-inch woofer for the sound, all of which are integrated into the cloth-wrapped base. The 10.1-inch touchscreen has wide bezels all around, with the 13-megapixel camera in the top right corner just above the screen. On the top there are buttons to adjust the volume and mute the far-field microphones, as well as a sliding shutter that physically blocks the camera if necessary to protect privacy. This isn’t a very high resolution screen, but it’s sharp and clean enough for basic viewing and serves up Alexa’s visual cues well enough.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) features and app

The brain of the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) is Alexa, Amazon’s constantly evolving voice assistant. While voice commands and responses are Alexa’s main function, the Echo Show 10’s screen offers visual cues, cues, and some basic video content to aid interaction. You’ll see album art and track details, weather reports with icons and dates, images and text for searches, and more. You can also use voice commands to play video content from YouTube (which is played through the built-in browser) or Amazon Prime Video.

You can visit websites independently through the browser or even access Netflix natively on the device. The Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) is a powerful smart display that offers more visual content than competing devices from other brands. Alexa’s ever-improving skills and abilities, as well as its language skills, now extend entirely to Hindi voice commands in addition to English.

The camera also means that the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd. Devices with video chat capabilities.

In addition, you can “penetrate” anywhere in your own home using the Alexa app, which is logged into your account on your smartphone. This worked well for quickly speaking to relatives at home or even monitoring the house remotely. Other communication features such as announcements and voice calls are also available, and you can also set up the screen as a digital picture frame for your photos.

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Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd generation Amazon review page

The speaker and other hardware are integrated into the base unit of the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation), while the screen is a separate but connected part

As before, you can stream music through linked services like Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and JioSaavn; Control smart devices such as light bulbs, air purifiers and cleaning robots; Retrieve information from the web; Use household appliances such as timers, recipes, and shopping lists; and activate various skills that allow Alexa to interact with content and brands.

Alexa herself can now understand more voice commands and use more skills than before, which overall offers an ever smoother experience. All functions of the Echo Show 10 (3rd generation), including remote monitoring, communication and basic settings, can be controlled via the Alexa app for iOS and Android. The app also enables the configuration of smart home devices and other Echo and Fire TV products and enables the Echo Show 10 to be seamlessly integrated into your existing smart home setup.

All of this is adequately supported by the screen movement functions; The device addresses you based on where your voice commands are coming from and was also able to follow my gaze fairly closely when I was watching video content or video calls. While you may find this signature feature of the Echo Show 10 unnecessary and gimmicky, I found it pretty good and made using the device’s screen a lot more convenient. This is a unique feature for smart devices and is sure to make for an interesting user experience.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) audio performance

The smart features and display-based capabilities of the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) are impressive, but this device is essentially a smart speaker. However, the sound quality of the speaker isn’t as impressive as the price suggests. That’s not to say the Echo Show 10 sounds bad; It’s pretty good considering its size and form factor, but doesn’t quite match our current top pick, the Rs. 7,999 Google Nest Audio.

Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd Generation Netflix Amazon Review

With the Netflix integration, you can watch movies and TV shows from the popular streaming service on the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation).

Much of this has to do with the fact that the display and unique swivel mechanism are at the heart of the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation). Despite being powered by three drivers – two tweeters and a woofer – the screen itself seemed to block and attenuate the sound a bit, which made for a somewhat strange listening experience even at moderate volumes. At high volumes I found the sound just a bit shrill and disgusting, while at low volumes it was decent within 1.5m of the speaker. Over longer distances, e.g. across a room or even to the side of the loudspeaker, the sound was a bit clunky.

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While the soft and pleasant melodies of the children’s music – especially songs by the children’s artist Blippi – sounded subtle, the electronic jazz number Forces… Darling from Koop, far from the loudspeaker, sounded a bit dull, the fast beats sounded a bit dull. The price and specs might suggest this is a capable smart speaker in terms of sound quality, but it is best used in small rooms for a single listener rather than a powerful option for a large room.

I found that creating some space around the speaker improves the sound a bit by giving it more room to breathe, but placement for such a large device is a difficult proposition and in certain situations you may not have that luxury . Users looking for better sound quality will be better served by Google Nest Audio or Amazon Echo Studio. The sound quality is certainly not the strength of the Echo Show 10.


The idea of ​​a combined smart display and speaker isn’t new, but the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3. The ability to turn to you, follow you, and make sure you have a clear view of the screen from virtually anywhere in your field of view does using it to create a unique experience. Although a bit tricky, the feature works well for the visual experience and is a pretty good look at the future of smart displays.

However, at Rs. 24,999 this is an expensive device and this seems particularly the case when you consider that the sound quality is below average and outperformed by cheaper options. If these are important considerations then consider Google Nest Audio instead as it offers the full smart experience (with no screen, of course). The Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd

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