AMD Releases New AFMF Frame Generation Driver for RX 7000/ 6000 GPUs

and FSR 3 AFMF

AMD’s AFMF technology is similar to FSR 3, but is enabled differently. The AI-based frame generation technology for games is quite impressive. However, we have yet to see a stable driver update is released with the AFMF feature included. Still, AMD’s AFMF frame generation feature was released on a preview driver (aka beta driver) some time ago, and now the company has released a minor driver update.

AMD Advanced Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) Preview Driver Details

The new AMD graphics driver (preview) version is It can be downloaded via AMD website here. The AFMF technology is only supported on RX 6000 series And RX 7000 series graphics cards. What exactly has changed? This minor driver update includes two notes in the changelog. There is better driver stability now, while switching between different tasks. Additionally, they implemented fixes to prevent AMD Software Adrenalin Edition (essentially the GPU control panel) from crashing.

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If you didn’t know, AMD came out with FSR 3 at the end of October this year. This is the company’s AI-powered frame generation feature for its Radeon RX GPUs. When enabled, it adds extra artificial FPS to your game, resulting in smoother gameplay. We tested FSR 3 Immortals of Aveum, and the gaming experience was quite impressive. In fact, input latency felt better than it did in the first few months of Nvidia DLSS 3. Still, there are still many bugs to be ironed out in AMD’s frame generation technology.

AFMF is similar to FSR 3, but exists at the director level. In short, AMD lets you do that enable frame generation on any RX 6000 or RX 7000 graphics card via the Radeon Adrenalin Software settings. This setting is called AFMF and it performs frame generation on any DX11/DX12 game! The preview AFMF driver has been out for a while. Hopefully that doesn’t leave too much time for AMD to release AFMF into the stable driver update pipeline.

how to enable AMD FSR 3 or AFMF technology in radeon gpu driver settings
Enable AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) after installing the preview driver

Let’s hope for a bright future for FSR 3 and AFMF. FSR 3 works on any GPU and we even personally tested it on an RTX 3070 Ti. So with more updates to frame generation technology, we will see all gamers benefit. By the way, we have made a detailed comparison of the final image quality produced by FSR, DLSS and XeSS here so take a look to see how each technology works!

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What do you think of AMD’s frame generation technology known as AFMF/FSR 3? Do you think this will benefit gamers? Let us know in the comments below.

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