Apex Legends Season 19: Conduit, Storm Point Update, Ranked Changes & More

Apex Legends Season 19 - Channel Skills

Apex Legends is back with yet another season, and this is an important one as it not only brings a new legend “Conduit” but also makes significant changes to the Storm Point map. Apex Legends Season 19 is coming on October 31st and we’ve shared all the new features, legends and weapon improvements/nerfs, cross-progression updates and much more. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in!

Editor’s Note: Thanks to EA and Respawn Entertainment for inviting Beebom to preview and test Apex Legends Ignite (Season 19).

Storm Point activated: map updates

Storm Point Pylon
Wattson Pylon replaces antenna

After more than a year, the tropical Storm Point map has gotten some much-needed love, thanks to a storm that destroyed some of its most popular locations, including Fish Farms, Shipfall, and more. But thanks to the rescue efforts of ECHO and Wattson, we have an Energized Storm Point with some new POIs that look beautiful and interesting.

Additionally, the size of the map has been drastically reduced, while upgrades have been made to approximately 40% of the map areas. So here’s a quick overview of the map changes at Storm Point:

  • Wattson Town Takeover, Pylon, replaces the antenna in the center of the map
  • Destroyed coastline replaces fish farms
  • ECHO headquarters replaces Gale Station
  • Coastal Camp replaces Shipfall
  • CETO Station replaces Prowler Next en route to Mills from Cascade Falls
  • Zeus Station replaces High Point in the north of the map

There are also several other smaller changes to other POIs. If you want to read about the Season 19 Storm Point map changes in detail, we recommend that you read our companion article linked here.

New Legend Conduit abilities

Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite - Lead

Making her debut as the 25th legend at the Apex Games, Conduit is a support legend, of Filipino descent and a sunny personality. She stole a radioactive Titan battery from a modified Monarch Titan, and that’s what powers her equipment in the game. Check out a quick overview of Conduit’s abilities in the Apex Legends Season 19 update.

  • Passive (Speed ​​of the Savior): The Conduit gets a speed boost to catch up to overzealous teammates.
  • Tactical (radiant transfer): She sends a wave of energy to her teammates and replenishes missing shields.
  • Ultimate (Energy Barricade): The Conduit deploys shield jammers in a line that damage and stun enemies.
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To read about Conduit’s capabilities and how they work in Apex Legends, follow our guide linked here. What do you think of her kit? Let us know in the comments below.

Legend buffs and Nerfs in season 19

Besides a new legend, Respawn is also making minor tweaks to some of the existing roster of legends in Apex Legends Season 19. Here’s a quick summary of the same:

Bangalore (nerf): Pop smoke, make ’em broke will still be this legend’s motto, but Respawn is making minor adjustments to her kit to keep her from looking overpowered in the current meta.

  • The speed boost duration for Bangalore’s passive Double Time has been slightly reduced.
  • The time for the smoke from her tactics to evaporate has been shortened.
  • The stun duration of Rolling Thunder, Bangalore’s ultimate version, has also been reduced.

Catalyst (nerfed): One of the most picked legends in ALGS is getting a few nerfs so that players can be more careful when using Catalyst’s abilities. These are the changes –

  • Her tactic, Piercing Spikes, will do that no longer blocks projectiles. So you won’t scream that a Catalyst Q just ate your entire warehouse and you died.
  • The tactical number has been reduced from 3 to 2 for Catalyst. The casting range has also been reduced by a fair amount.
  • The life of the ultimate Catalyst, Dark Veil, is over reduced by 5 seconds (30 seconds -> 25 seconds).
  • Additionally, the cooldown for the ultimate now starts when the wall rises instead of when it is cast.

Revenge (nerf): The “Forged Shadows” ultimate time extension that you get when knocking a player has been reduced from 30 seconds to 3 seconds.

Scout (polished): Your friendly MRVN can now scan care packages even after another Skirmisher legend on your team has scanned it. So you can still get your zipline and reduce the cooldown.

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Wraith (buffed): Her tactics or ultimate have not undergone any changes. Instead, Wraith’s passive “Voices from the void‘ should feel more reliable overall. You should hear jokes now before you die.

Newcastle (polished): Respawn has shown some love to Newcastle, reducing the time to bring out your weapon after placing a wall. Additionally, his jump height has also been increased in Season 19.

Benefit (polished): She gets it an extra bullet in her Sniper ultimate, increasing it from 5 to 6 bullets.

Weapon improvements and Nerfs in Season 19

wingman in care package

It was in Season 13 when we first got rumors that the Wingman gun might be moving to the Care Pack. Well, that dream of some players has come true. Check out the weapon changes in Season 19 here:

Change in care package

  • First of all, it’s Wingman switch to the Care Package, and it has some fantastic improvements. Read all about the upgrades in the linked post.
  • Wingman replaces the L-Star, coming to the ground with some changes, as expected.

Weapon balances

  • 30-30 repeater: Increasing hip fire spread, reducing accuracy on successive shots
  • Hemlok Burst AR: Reduce damage per bullet from 22 to 21
  • Bocek Compound Bow has received a series of improvements
    • Faster initial pulling speed
    • Sharpened Shatter Cap pattern
    • Disable Shatter Cap if you wish
  • Improved Loader hop-up removed from floor loot
  • Damage to the turbocharger has been repaired

Moreover, the projectile growth of the snipers i.e. Charge Rifle, Longbow and Sentinel has been increased. It only works with charged Sentinel shots. The Charge Rifle rework has made players reluctant to pick up this sniper, so he gets a small buff in the form of improved drop ballistics.

Crafter and gold weapon rotation

With season 19 there is a BIG and important change for the crafter that the digital threat will never appear in the production rotation. It was taken out of the creator, shattering the dreams of Bang Mains in the comp scene. Other changes include:

  • RE-45 and 30-30 Repeater come from the crafter
  • Volt SMG and R-301 AR go to the craftsman
  • Golden weapons in Apex Legends season 19
    • CAR SMG
    • L star
    • Havoc
    • Longbow
    • RE-45 with Hammer Point
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Cross-progression in Apex Legends

After making us wait for more than two years, the Respawn development team is finally making good on its promise. Apex Legends Season 19 also features cross-progression support. You can now merge your accounts and use one EA ID to log in and play on any platform. Your progress, skins, badges and achievements are synced across all platforms. So, learn how cross progression works in Apex Legends in our special guide.

Ranked system change in season 19

Recently respawned went to Reddit to give us an update on the existing ranked system. In the post they confirmed some of the new changes including the removal of rank restrictions on stacked squadrons. This means that if you are a Master Rank player, it is now possible for your Silver Rank friend to play with you. Although they will have to hold their own in the lobbies of your master rank.

However, that is not the only change. In an effort to discourage ratting and healing in the zone to gain LP and rank up, Respawn is adding a unique “promotional trialssystem. This ensures that players cannot climb the ranks by merely being passive spectators in rank lobbies. They will have to complete a number of challenges to cross the barrier to the next rank.

These include time-limited skill challenges, such as winning a match, or getting 3 kills and finishing in the Top 10. You get five chances to level up once the promotional trials are activated, after which you get a LP penalty is imposed. It extends to 10 matches away.

So that’s pretty much everything you need to know about what’s going to happen in Apex Legends Season 19. We couldn’t be more excited to jump in and explore the new Storm Point map. What is your opinion on the changes? Let us know in the comments section.

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