Arcane Season 2 to Release in November 2024, Confirms Netflix

mysterious season 2

During the Geeked Week 2023 celebration, we saw some nerdy stuff and announcements from Netflix. On the same day, we also saw Jinx walking towards a big red door in a video that Netflix posted on X (formerly Twitter). The teaser only lasts 10 seconds, but ends with a big “November 2024” date at the end. This confirms Arcane Season 2’s November 2024 release date.

Since this date announcement was just a teaser and similar to the Arcane confirmation teaser from last November, we’ll be getting a trailer fairly soon. However, there is no confirmation of the trailer’s full release date. But as a big fan of this Emmy-winning anime series, we’re already excited about an official release date.

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As Riot Games has confirmed that the story will be a Runeterra Cannon, Jinx and Vi’s story may end this season. We can’t wait for iconic champions like Caitlyn, Jinx and Vi to return to our screens. Furthermore, Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent confirmed in a recent Bilibili interview that the animation is in post-production stages. This means that all League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra or just Arcane enthusiasts will now have to wait about a year.

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