Asus Launches ExpertBook B9 OLED and More Laptops with Intel 13th Gen Chips

Intel 13th Gen Asus ExpertBook Laptops Launched

The Asus ExpertBook series is built for the modern workplace while offering a high level of business security. In order to revamp it and offer better features, the company has released new laptops under its already popular range, which includes a variety of models. Without further ado, here are all the details you need to know about the new Asus ExpertBook laptops, including the specs and features, along with pricing and availability.

Asus Expertbook B9 OLED: specifications and features

The new Asus Expertbook B9 (B9403) is the company’s ultraportable laptop, which weighs only 990 grams. This laptop is made of magnesium-lithium alloy, so the build quality is excellent. The starting variant has an Intel 13th generation Core i5-1335U processor, while the top variant has the vPro i7-1365U. These chips deliver excellent performance while consuming little power.

Asus launches ExpertBook B9 OLED and more laptops with Intel 13th generation chips
Image courtesy: ASUS

The 63 Wh battery that lasts all day is extremely capable and also supports 65W fast charging. The display is an astonishing 16:10 OLED 90Hz panel with 2.8K resolution. It also comes with Pantone validation, making it suitable for content creation as well. Other notable features include WiFi 6E, a 1080p webcam, Type-C charging, and Max 16GB LPDDR5X 5200MHz RAM. Asus even offers up to 64 GB dual-channel RAM for more power.

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Asus Expertbook B5, B5 Flip, B5 OLED: specifications and features

The Asus Expertbook B5 series gets three new additions. The Asus Expertbook B5 Flip (B5402F) included touch screen support up 1080p IPS screen with 400 nits brightness. It also comes with a Garaged stylus support for productivity and has a 360 degree hinge design that allows great versatility. There will also be a similar laptop without the Flip design (B5402C). The non-Flip variant has the same screen and very similar features, albeit with a different design that doesn’t have the 360-degree hinge.

Finally, there is the Expertbook B5 OLED (B5602CVA), which has a 4K OLED screen with 400 nits brightness and 100% DCI-P3 Coverage. This is a somewhat larger laptop than other Expertbooks, with a 16-inch screen and a weight of 1.4 kg. Despite this, it is still quite portable overall.

  • asus expertbook b5 flip laptop
  • asus expertbook b5 oled laptop

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All Expertbook B5 laptops come with Intel P-series processors instead of the U-series, which delivers faster performance. The starting variants of the B5 laptops come with a i5-1340P processor, and the highest CPU variant available is the i7-1370P. The B5 B5602CVA is also the only variant that is supplied optionally Intel Arc Graphics.

Prices and availability

The new Asus Expertbook with 13 generation Intel CPUs starts at Rs 157,490. This is for the Expertbook B5 (B5402CVA) laptop. The price for the more expensive Expertbook B9 OLED (B9403CVA) is Rs 217,990 for the starting variant.

The Asus ExpertBook laptops are now available November 7, 2023. Availability may vary by variant, with some Expertbooks available through leading commercial PC partners.

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Do you think this new Expertbook series is worth the price? The vPro platform is beneficial for any business. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of: ASUS

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