Battlegrounds Mobile India First Impressions: PUBG Mobile Similarities and Differences

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access went live on Thursday and the game was made available in beta through Google Play. We did it and played a full game. Obviously, Battlegrounds Mobile India is essentially PUBG Mobile with small tweaks that we’ll get into in a moment. As the open beta will be available shortly before the previously expected release date on June 18th, we do not know how long this beta period will last or what the release date will be. Here are our first impressions of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access build.

If you are a PUBG Mobile fan, everything will be familiar to you once you open Battlegrounds Mobile India on your Android device. After logging in or creating an account with your previous PUBG Mobile credentials, you will be greeted with the same home screen and background music as PUBG Mobile. And best of all, you can transfer your game data from PUBG Mobile. We will publish instructions shortly. Interestingly, it was asked if the player is over 18 years old and located in India and unfortunately it seems like you can simply answer “yes” at this point without any verification whatsoever.

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We immediately jumped into Erangel with the season 19 themed Traverse – Insectoid and heard the Safe Game which says this is a simulation that is not real life and is not meant to play for hours. This seems to happen every time you start a game – which can be a little annoying, but can be a much-needed reminder during long sessions. Unsurprisingly, the game was full of bots and we didn’t meet a single real player. It was like the beginning of PUBG Mobile again.

The Erangel map in Battlegrounds Mobile India is the same as in PUBG Mobile, you pick up familiar weapons and equipment with the same customizable controls. One advantage of the game, which is exclusive to India, is that it was a fast and smooth experience with no lags, frame drops, or ping issues. Although the experience can change a bit with real players on the same server.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India brings back the same maps, weapons, game mechanics, and overall appeal as PUBG Mobile, except that it has been repackaged for Indian users. It brings some small changes with it. The blood in the game is now green instead of red. At the top left, where it shows the number of players who are ‘alive’ and the number of players they have ‘killed’, it now says ‘Alive’ and ‘Finished’. Another step in the name of safety? You cannot choose your server in Battlegrounds Mobile India because the option is disabled. It is unclear whether this option will be available in the future.

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As mentioned earlier, on Thursday, Krafton opened beta tests for Battlegrounds Mobile India to a limited number of users, and we got access to the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India took up 6.06 GB of storage space on the device we tested (OnePlus 7 Pro) and is version 1.4.0. It requires permission to access the phone’s memory and no other permission is requested. When using in-game chat, you will be prompted for microphone permission. As of now, Krafton has not announced a release date for the game and it is unclear how long it will be in open beta.

Battlegrounds Mobile India First Impressions: PUBG Mobile Similarities and Differences

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