CES 2022: Google Improves Connectivity Among Android, Chromebooks, and Other Devices

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Although Google decided not to show up at CES 2022, it still decided to reveal some features for its devices. Unlike other companies revealing a plethora of hardware, Google focused on how to make Android device connectivity work better. Here’s what announced it all.

Google this 2022

Google wants to make connectivity easier than ever

First, Google will make setting up a new device a lot easier. The Fast Pair functionality now reaches Android TVs and smart home devices, making it easier for people to pair and set up new devices with their smartphones. This functionality is already available for Bluetooth-enabled audio products, wearables and even cars.

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This feature also allows users to connect their headphones to a Chromebook with one click. Later this year, users will be able to quickly set up their new Chromebooks from their Android phones and quickly access important details such as Google credentials and Wi-Fi passwords.

Google is also introducing the ability for users to: connect them headphones with Google TV or Android TVs in the next months. This feature applies to Matter-based smart devices that use Fast Pair to connect to the network, Google Home, and other associated apps.

Another interesting feature, which will be introduced in the coming months, is: allow the users to edit their . to unlock Chromebooks and Android phones with a Wear0S smartwatch, just like how Apple allows. Compatible Samsung and Pixel phones will soon act as digital car keys for BMW vehicles, and starting later this year, people with an Ultra-Wideband phone with technology won’t even need to remove the phone to unlock a compatible car. Sharing car keys with friends remotely also becomes easier.

Another addition is the ability to juggle audio between devices. This means that if users watch a video on a Chromebook and receive a call, the connected headset will automatically switch to the phone to take the call. Once done, it will go back to the laptop to continue watching the paused movie. Supported headphones will soon get spatial audio for a 360-degree audio experience.

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The ability to share content with others via Chromecast will also reach more brands such as Bose smart speakers and soundbars in the coming months. More features will also be added to Phone Hub on Chromebooks, allowing users to access chat apps on their Chromebooks without having to download them. In addition, a Camera Roll feature will be added to the Phone Hub.

In addition, in the coming months, more voice-activated commands will reach more cars starting with Volvo, and users will be able to easily pair their phones and Bluetooth devices, sync their messages and more with Windows PCs. It will launch later this year with Acer, HP and Intel.

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