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Human resources tasks have long since shifted from manual processes to an online platform. In this sense, Cezanne HR launched its cloud-based online HR software platform aimed at UK and international organizations. It is among the organizations it supports, the ASL Aviation Group, Brook, Triple Point, and Aztec.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to book a demo to learn more about Cezanne HR’s plans and pricing Photo credit: Cezanne HR

Subscriptions and Pricing

While Cezanne HR points out that having an all-inclusive subscription model is “remarkably inexpensive”, after that the details are missing as we encounter the all-too-common opaque pricing situation when the company asks us to “get in touch” with our business references, and then a seller can contact us to assess our needs and make a quote on the plan chosen. While we certainly appreciate this approach from the point of view of Cezanne HR, we also wish that potential customers could better estimate the prices of the website and potential subscriptions and better compare providers.

Cezanne HR states that the all inclusive plan has a ton of features such as: B. has first-class hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and an availability of 99.9% with no maintenance window. There are also automatic updates, expert support from UK representatives, mobile apps, an ideas forum and 24/7 monitoring for security and stability.

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That all sounds good, but it’s a bit difficult to put into context without a specific price.

Cezanne HR offers a variety of different modules for all of your HR needs Photo credit: Cezanne HR
Cezanne HR review | TechRadar


Cezanne HR focuses on medium-sized companies with an HR solution that covers all areas of HR. There are a number of modules named:

  • Human resource management
  • Onboarding and lifecycle
  • Absence management
  • Time tracking
  • Performance management
  • Career and Succession
  • Online recruitment and ATS
  • Integrations

Some of the functions have invaded these modules, e.g. B. It is cloud-based, which enables cross-platform support that can be used by any modern browser. There’s also better coordination through centralized reporting and notifications and alerts to keep people busy. Global skills are made possible through language translations for international use. Processes can be improved through approval workflows, with configuration tools for the ability to customize workflows. There is also role-based security to control which users can see and work what they need to do their jobs while keeping other areas safe.

The aim is to make the transition to Cezanne HR as smooth as possible. Included is a “free upload of HR core data” to access this new platform. Additional installation services are also available which are a “cheap flat fee” depending on the needs of the organization.

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You can already use the integrated time module with the data in your HR system Photo credit: Cezanne HR

A key HR activity is managing paid vacation. This applies not only to paid leave, but also to sick leave, leave and unpaid leave. While this can easily turn into a tricky math problem, Cezanne HR has it all under control. Rules such as rounding, transfers, provisions and seniority are defined, then the employee’s working time is calculated and deducted, taking into account the hours worked, the employer rules and also the local calendar.

The employees communicate with the system via the “Secure Online Self-Service Absence Management Software”. In this way, the employee can check the structure and also request leave. There are even team calendars – which are updated in real time – which can avoid conflicts when everyone has the same week off.


Cezanne HR appears to fail at direct support as it fails to provide a direct phone number or email address to connect to. For time sensitive or more complex issues, these can often be the preferred methods of addressing it that Cezanne HR doesn’t have.

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Only HR administrators can access the Cezanne HR support portal at any time Photo credit: Cezanne HR

Instead, Cezanne HR has a 24/7 support portal where users can ask questions, view answers, or access an “extensive library of product guides and how-to videos”. It is not clear what the expected turnaround time for an answer is when a question is asked, what the hours and days are, or if it is manned 24/7.

However, we would like the release notes to be emailed when new features are added to the platform. This also includes links to the latest product manuals and videos to keep users updated. Another support feature is the active community, which can be accessed via the support portal. In this community, users can post suggestions for new features, positively rate potential new features that others have suggested, and also get a glimpse of the ideas that are being worked on. Cezanne HR notes that a lot of the new features are driven by this process and that this community gives their customers a voice.

final judgment

Cezanne HR is a well-rounded and mature approach through SaaS to an HR software solution. We point out highlights such as the impressive availability of 99.9%, the included hosting via AWS, the user community to request new functionalities, the cross-platform support and the well-implemented approach to planning downtime. We identify some areas with potential for improvement, such as the opaque pricing with possible additional transition costs and the lack of direct support options with unclear support portal times. Overall, Cezanne HR offers a comprehensive solution for those who can work around the shortcomings.

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