Conan Exiles is a major event. You’re dumped directly into this threatening area with little data to go off. To enable you to out, our Conan Exiles control beneath will furnish you with each tip, stunt, and mystery that you have to get moving, so you don’t simply turn into another body in the sand.

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You’re Going To Die:

The principal tip is less about helping you straightforwardly, and progressively about telling you the realities. This is anything but a game where you will never pass on. Passing will occur, a great deal!

Check the guide:

Hit “M” to open the guide. In contrast to different games, the guide does not change. In case you’re in an awful spot, open the guide before you pass on and study it rapidly. You’ll know precisely where you are and can attempt to keep running back to recuperate your things.

Level Up 3 Key Stats:

When you level up, you get indicates that you can dispense details. They all fill a need, yet there are three significant ones from the get-go. Quality, Vitality, and Encumbrance are the best three to get levels in right off the bat. Quality makes your assaults more grounded, Vitality gives you more wellbeing and Encumbrance enables you to convey more things, which are all indispensable for new characters.

Discover Water, Food:

In all respects rapidly you will understand that your Food and Health gauges exhaust at a disturbing rate. This will change from server to server, yet as a rule you will need to discover a wellspring of sustenance and water like clockwork.

It’s significant at that point to get to a territory where both are copious. Water is simple enough, as waterways and lakes are abundant, and you can essentially stroll up and drink from them by collaborating with the water on apkguides.


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