Dark Survival MOD APK v2.4.4 (Menu, One Hit, God Mode)

Dark Survival is a mobile game in the survival genre developed by LiberalDust and released on the Android platform. The game takes players into a gloomy world where darkness covers and dangerous monsters appear suddenly. Your mission is to fight, survive, and discover the secrets hidden behind the night.

Simple but challenging gameplay

Dark Survival has simple control gameplay with virtual keys displayed on the screen. Players will control the character to move, attack, and use skills to fight monsters. The game has a faster pace over time, requiring players to have quick reflexes and reasonable tactical abilities to survive.

Diverse character and skill system

Dark Survival offers many different characters for players to choose from, each character possesses a unique set of skills and fighting style. You can choose a mighty knight, a powerful mage or a skilled hunter to suit your play style.

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Rich weapon and equipment system

The game has a rich weapon and equipment system with many different levels. Players can collect, craft, and upgrade weapons and equipment to strengthen their characters and fight more effectively.

Huge world to explore

Dark Survival owns a large world with many different areas for players to explore. You can search for resources, fight monsters, explore dungeons, and decode the mysteries hidden behind the night.

Impressive 2D graphics and vivid sound

Dark Survival possesses meticulously designed 2D graphics with the main dark color scheme, creating a dark and mysterious feeling. The sound in the game is also carefully invested, contributing to increasing the drama of battles and the gloomy atmosphere of the game.

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Dark Survival is an attractive survival game with simple but challenging gameplay, a diverse system of characters and skills, a large world to explore, and impressive 2D graphics. If you are a fan of the survival game genre and love challenges, Dark Survival is an option not to be missed.

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