Duolingo MOD APK 5.30.4 (Premium Unlocked)

Download Duolingo MOD APK 5.30.4 (Premium Unlocked) for free

If you are looking for an online English learning application to improve your foreign language skills, Duolingo is the software to help you with this. This is one of the English learning software that many people love and appreciate. However, to use all its features, you need to upgrade to Duolingo plus. This is a paid version. But today APKGeneral will introduce to you the Duolingo plus mod apk version which is unlocked for free, so you can use all the features without ads.

Duolingo MOD APK 5.30.4 (Premium Unlocked)

What is Duolingo?

As the country develops, the demand for economic and cultural exchange is increasing. This is the reason that everyone wants to learn a foreign language. In addition, this is also a weapon to help you get a better job and be more confident when communicating with foreigners. But if you want to learn English, do you need to go to English centers? Perhaps the amount of money you have to spend is not small, you have to study in a fixed time but sometimes the efficiency is not high. Therefore, I will show you a shorter and easier way to access foreign languages. That is learning English through the Duolingo app, it’s completely free so you can learn anywhere.

Duolingo is a foreign language learning project developed by two computer experts, Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hacker in 2012. And right after uploading the application to the App Store, Duolingo quickly resonated and attracted a lot of attention. Tens of millions of people joined in just the first 2 years. And up to now, Duolingo is the top-voted application for learning foreign languages.

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Learn foreign languages with a whole new approach

For a long time, with the traditional way of learning, we have always been obsessed with learning English in particular and foreign languages in general. However, Duolingo has always been about learning and playing together. This means that instead of directing users to complicated words or grammar, Duolingo uses interactive exercises to convey knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation through games with difficulty increasing upon level.

What makes Duolingo so appealing are these challenges. You will have to go through the 4 important skills of each language in turn: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The content of the challenge will be repeated many times in different ways. In this way, the knowledge will be absorbed in the head passively but not boring.

And to overcome the challenges of the application, you need to memorize and do well on all 4 skills. For example, fill in the correct spelling and grammar, read the word correctly, pronounce the correct pattern, listen through the reading, and write down the correct word.

In particular, according to language experts, Duolingo’s voice recognition is very good. As you read, the app will record that voice, then make specific mistakes in each word and each sentence. If it is only wrong within the allowed limit, it can be skipped, if it is wrong, you have to do it again to pass the challenge.

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These types of learning-by-playing exercises are addictive, thereby creating more excitement for learners. And it’s a game, you must have a reward. After each game round, if you pass, you will gain Lingots and badges. However, the game will increase the difficulty and time limit. Therefore, you need to try to overcome. And this is your chance to improve.

Duolingo MOD APK

You have a goal and Duolingo will remind you

When you start using the app, you’ll have to choose a goal that’s right for your learning needs. And every day, you have to complete the goal you set, then you will receive a reward of diamonds to buy the things you like. But if you forget, Duolingo will remind you. This reminder is also set by you at the right time to learn. This is the friend who is always on time and waiting for you every day to study with you, right?

In addition, you can also race to the top of the leaderboard with your friends. Duolingo gives you a leaderboard, and you will get promoted if you study and take the full tests. And when you get into the top 20, the level of competition will be much greater.

At Duolingo, you can choose to learn many different languages. There are full of the most popular languages for you to choose and learn such as English, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Italian…

What should you pay attention to when using Duolingo?

Duolingo is a very good and famous language learning application today, but it still has a few incomplete points such as:

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·        If you don’t have a background, you can still start learning easily, as Duolingo is very user-friendly. However, in advanced learning, Duolingo’s knowledge and teaching may not be appropriate. Therefore, it can be said that Duolingo can provide you with common ground language knowledge. As for in-depth research, it has not been met.

·        When you learn Duolingo, you’ll find it doesn’t have any grammatical explanations. Therefore, it will be more perfect if you study with a basic grammar book. And from there you learn by combining the app and the book, it will be better.

·        Switching between the two languages ​​in Duolingo remains rigid.

Duolingo Plus mod apk version

As I said above, Duolingo is a completely free foreign language learning application. However, to make full use of its features, you need to upgrade to Duolingo plus. This is the paid version. But with Duolingo plus mod apk version, you can download and learn foreign languages completely for free. At the same time, you can use all its features as it is.


If you are looking for an application to learn a foreign language effectively, with a variety of words, an easy start, and an intuitive learning model, then Duolingo is a name that you cannot ignore. Immediately download Duolingo plus mod apk to use many features completely free!


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