Eminem Skin is Coming to Fortnite, And It is RAPGOD Approved

The Fortnite AND card event is coming to an end soon. And now, with the next Big Bang event update announced by Epic Games, it’s clear that something big is in store at the end of this chapter.

Recently there have been leaks about what will happen for the final act of Chapter 4, and well, it’s none other than the Real Slim Shady “Eminem.” All the leaks were finally confirmed when the RAP GOD himself shared a teaser on his X account (formerly Twitter).

Fortnite Eminem Skins First Look Leaked

Fortnite last had a concert in 2021 with Ariana Grande, where she had her skin and its variants added to the game. With no Eminem album or single around the corner, it will be interesting to see what the concert/event will be about.

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However, leakers suggest that it is a concert for Eminem not planned as a concert-only event. This means there will be more than just a concert in the OG chapter finale. Now that Fortnite’s Big Bang update is out December 2confirmed by Fortnite, players are super excited.

The leaked Eminem skins coming to Fortnite, shared by leaker FNBRIntel on Marshall mafia enforcer. Additionally, the skin variants coming to the game include a Marshall Magma version, a Slim Shady version, and a Masked Demon version. Here’s a look at the leaked variants of the Eminem skins.

We can speculate that players will need to attend the live event or concert to unlock the skin or its variants. The update will go live immediately after a week Fortnite x Invincibles skins drop. The rumors also suggest that the Lego collaboration is on the way, so keep that in mind.

Moreover, we can also speculate what the big changes will be in the event on December 3, 2023, along with Eminem’s skins. Let us know what you think of the Eminem x Fortnite collaboration in the comments.

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