Facebook’s News Feed Is Now Just “Feed”

Facebook’s News Feed Is Now Just “Feed”

Facebook is renaming its News Feed, which is its primary section for users to see posts from others, to just Feed. The change, which was announced via a recent post, appears to be a part of the recent Meta rebrand† Here are the details.

Facebook's News Feed Is Now Just "Feed"

facebook news Feed It Is!

The new change comes after Facebook’s News Feed was first introduced 15 years ago† While the name change isn’t a major one, it does try to show the Meta-owned social media platforms’ focus, which will primarily be metaverse, going forward.

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A Facebook spokesperson, in a statement to The Vergesaid that it’s “just a name change to better reflect the diverse content people see on their Feeds.And, this won’t affect the working of the app.

In addition, the removal of the word “News” also seems like Facebook’s attempt to move away from the news servicing part, which has mostly been a controversial topic for it. The social media platform has been accused multiple times of spreading fakes news and its content ranking algorithms have also raised some eyebrows. Recently, Facebook, along with Twitter and Google, was even asked by the Indian Government to introduce tougher ways to fight fake news.

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The Facebook News Feed was also into showing more political content than what’s a user’s friend was posting and to curb this, it began taking some measures too. The name change seems like another one and might help people see this section as just for posts from friends with some percentage of news content. It will also help people know that the”Facebook Feed” is not just for news pieces!

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