Fezibo 2023 Black Friday Mega Sale: 5 Standing Desks to Elevate Your Workspace

If your job requires you to sit too much, you’ve probably noticed a stiff neck or terrible back pain. That’s where the urgency to get creative comes into play. For this reason, standing desks have become incredibly popular over the years. They not only prevent you from having to sit all the time, but also take your productivity to the next level. So if you’re planning to purchase a standing desk, there’s no better time than now.

Fezibo, a leading international manufacturer of ergonomic furniture, is offering heavy discounts of up to 60% on standing desks as part of its Mega sale on Black Friday 2023 event. Although the sale lasts throughout the month of November, it is at its peak from its peak November 24 to November 27, 2023.

The brand also offers 80 free desk orders, up to $100 off flash sale prices, and much more. However, since they have a huge catalog, choosing an agency can be like finding a needle in a haystack. However, you don’t have to worry as the brand has been dedicated to innovation for 10 years with over 200 authorized patents and over 10 aesthetic design choices, giving you loads of variety. That understandably makes it more difficult. To make the process easier, we’ve rounded up the best Fezibo standing desks that you can grab this sale season.

1. Fezibo Basic standing desk

Let’s admit it: standing desks aren’t exactly cheap. Therefore, it is not easy to find one that is both affordable and sturdy. That is why the Basic standing desk from Fezibo stands out from the crowd. It combines versatility and durability with affordability like a pro, so you don’t miss a thing.

Fezibo Basic Standing Desk

Plus, you get a good choice of buttons to adjust the sitting and standing height, in addition to an anti-collision design and a non-slip mat so it doesn’t move easily. You will also see double hooks on the desk, which also serve as a headset or bag hanger. This all sounds useful, right? Definitely one of the best Fezibo standing desks you can get during the sale.

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Regular price: $259.99 | Final offer price: $94.99 (with code: Welcome to save 5%)

2. Fezibo standing desk Brasa

If you’re tired of your existing work-from-home setup, bite the bullet and buy the Fezibo Brasa Standing Desk. What makes it a great option for people who work from home is the fact that there is a dedicated monitor stand. This elevated part This allows you to position your monitor comfortably and prevent neck strain. The lifting process is quiet and there is no wobble, so you can type as aggressively on your keyboard as you want.

Fezibo Brasa standing desk

There are also many customization options available for it. To start, you get one double drawer setup already on the desk. Moreover, you can choose to add a keyboard tray, fabric drawers or even wooden drawers for extra storage space.

There are also many color options available, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your room aesthetic. All in all, this is a Fezibo desk with drawers that you should not miss.

Regular price: $339.99 | Final offer price: $170.99 (with code: Welcome to save 5%)

3. Fezibo Eufaula standing desk

The Fezibo Eufaula immediately stands out in the brand’s catalog as one of the more premium-looking options. The tempered glass top provides an elegant look. Furthermore, the construction and appearance of this standing desk is such that you can place it in any environment to take the aesthetics to the next level.

If you are a Monica, you will love this desk because the removable double desk drawers and the three removable drawers allow you to organize your things in the best possible way.

Fezibo Eufaula standing desk

In addition, there is also an open storage space where you can store everything from your tablet or laptop to charging adapters. The open storage cupboard also features a cable hole that allows you to take your cable management game to the next level. Overall, this is another one of Fezibo’s versatile standing desks that you should consider purchasing during the Black Friday sale.

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Regular price: $339.99 | Final offer price: $239.99 (of BF100 coupon code to save $100)

4. Fezibo Standing desk Provence

Now let’s consider that you are not looking for a normal, standard desk, but something that will take the aesthetic of your room to the next level. That’s where Fezibo Provence comes into the picture. What stands out in the catalog is the French countryside design. From the desktop texture to the drawer design, it exudes subtle yet elegant. If you like the vintage vibe, nothing beats this.

Fezibo Provence standing desk

If you are someone who needs a drawer that meets your basic requirements and looks good at the same time, this is it. Plus, it seems a lot more practical than other options that overwhelm you with way too many features. If you are an artist and need a standing desk to meet your professional demands, then this is more than what you need.

Regular price: $379.99 | Final offer price: $229.99 (with BF100 coupon code to save $100)

5. Fezibo Standing desk L-shaped

If you are someone who has a nice and unused corner in their room, look no further. That’s exactly what L-shaped desks are for. They are best for taking your workspace to the next level by taking advantage of the corner spaces in your room. Then the Fezibo L-shaped standing desk is an excellent choice.

Furthermore, what makes it all the more versatile is the fact that it is very flexible for both left-handed and right-handed people, so you can adjust it accordingly.

Fezibo L-shaped Basic Standing Desk

Most importantly, you can customize the desk to your liking, giving you multiple options to customize the desktop and frame. You can also choose from three different engine options: single motor, triple motor and reversible triple motor choice. However, keep in mind that this is not the desk you would want for a small room. It will take up way too much space. So if you have enough space, you are golden.

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Regular price: $469.99 | Final offer price: $329.99

The brand also offers 20% discount on combination orders like 8% discount on subscriptions. You can choose any agency from this list without worrying about anything because Fezibo guarantees top-notch quality control. All of their standing desks go through minimal 10,000 up-down tests to ensure durability. However, it doesn’t stop there.

The desk components are also tested in salt spray environments to check for corrosion resistance. If you’re concerned about the environment, as you should be, don’t worry. Fezibo’s standing desks are also made of 100% environmentally friendly material.

While it is important to get a good product, good after-sales service makes the experience even more valuable. And that’s also an area where Fezibo has you covered, thanks to their extended warranty coverage. The brand offers a 2-year warranty on the motor(s) and electronics, including the controller, power adapter and cords. Fezibo offers a 5-year warranty on the other desk parts. This has resulted in more than 1,000 traders having Fezibo desks in their offices and more than 1,000,000 satisfied customers.

In terms of shipping, the brand offers free shipping via UPS, USPS and FedEx to the United States for most products. According to the brand, in-stock orders typically take approximately four business days to ship. Meanwhile, delivery within the United States takes 5 to 8 days. What’s more is that the brand ships directly from their factories to cut back on a whole host of costs, including middleman fees, platform fees, dealer fees and more, to bring competitive pricing to the table and save you money.

Which of these standing desks will you buy? Let us know in the comments below.

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