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Marketed as a cloud VPN for business teams, GoodAccess aims to deliver the benefits of a zero-trust remote access model wherever you and your employees are located. In an era of location-independent business ethics, companies struggle to close any emerging gaps in their security systems. GoodAccess promises to put your business applications and resources behind a robust virtual VPN moat, with the speed of such deployment being the hallmark.

In an effort to bring the static IP address to the masses, GoodAccess plays the card with attractive pricing coupled with a free trial. Is it the ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses?

Let’s see if it keeps what it promises.

GoodAccess Review review | TechRadar

GoodAccess security features

The first thing to consider is GoodAccess’s ability to deliver what every customer comes first: plain old security. The good news first: The Service Access Service Edge (SASE) implementation is more than competent and packed with security features tailored to the needs of the modern remote worker.

Two-factor and multi-factor authentication gives you multiple layers of security when someone in your workforce requests access to a system. Identity theft and fraud are a real threat these days and GoodAccess won’t harm them – the SSO is fully compatible with Azure AD, Google, Active Directory and similar technologies.

OpenVPN and IKEv2 are tasked with providing solid 256-bit encryption. To strengthen your defenses against DNS leaks and potential data breaches, all GoodAccess connections are IPv4 class and combined with port forwarding and whitelisting dedicated IP for secure access to your valuable assets.

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Now it matters less unless you couple these security features with a close eye on what is happening to your employees. To support not only your security functions, but also your productivity goals and compliance efforts, GoodAccess logs all cases in which your employees have requested or granted access. Just think about the impact this can have on complying with increasingly stringent regulations like GDPR.

All in all, when it comes to security features, GoodAccess delivers, bringing it closer to more premium packages at a lower price point.

administrative functions

GoodAccess includes several management tools based on the idea of ​​usability and accessibility. First of all, you can manage gateways by directly provisioning a private gateway with a static IP address for your employees. You can choose these from over 33 locations around the world. Using multiple gateways should help you in situations where you need backups or faster connection speeds.

Access control is done by creating special access cards that they can authorize for specific resources and systems for individual employees or groups. You can easily assign these to the departments and, for example, give your marketing team different access rights instead of your IT staff.

GoodAccess also places great emphasis on integrations, which is why they provide you with a large number of plugins (like WordPress, Azure, and others). If you need help with this, please use the extensive documentation with instructions that GoodAccess provides on its website.

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GoodAccess interface

Helping both a layman and a professional to successfully manage everything that happens with GoodAccess is another plus point in the book for the platform.

The control panel is dominated by an accessible and clean interface and a responsive dashboard that will help you get the most out of it in a short amount of time. Navigating the buttons and sections is pretty smooth and, more importantly, intuitive. This is no small feat when you consider you don’t want your employees to feel scared given all the options this system offers.

Using the access control panel, you can easily manage individual gateways, teams and systems, which are granted access at any time, by using clear lists. These are easier to manage because you can change the level of access to any business resource your colleagues want to access on the fly.

All team members can be easily invited to join individual groups, with a tag-based system that you can then use to filter them based on changing conditions in the field.

The same level of usability is provided for the interface used to manage integrations and downloads.


First the good news: GoodAccess offers you a 14-day free trial without credit cards. Plus, you’ll definitely appreciate the option to get a whopping 20% ​​discount to continue with annual billing.

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Three main plans run under the easy-to-understand names Essential, Advanced, and Premium. They are made available at the time of writing (January 2022) for $4, 8, 10 per user/month. Pricing aside, these packages differ in the number of users supported and features. For example, 20 users and two gateways are included in the premium plan, which is designed for enterprise-level users.

Other users will love the advanced option tailored for multi-site and cloud-based businesses, while the cheapest package still gives you access to a full-featured cloud VPN for remote teams with a static IP address for whitelisting .

All in all, value for money is reasonable when we compare GoodAccess to its more well-known competitors.

final verdict

GoodAccess is an excellent access system for small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve their security and productivity with a business-oriented VPN. At this price point, there’s little you can put your finger on – you get the multi-user flat rate with perfectly competent security, management and interface features.

Larger companies would do well to try pricier VPN packages with more robust sets of advanced features.

For businesses on a tight budget or those who’d rather skimp on security, this is an affordable option that doesn’t feel like an option at any point.

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