Google Announces Privacy Sandbox for Android; An Attempt to Limit Ad Tracking

Google Announces Privacy Sandbox for Android; An Attempt to Limit Ad Tracking

Apart from the new privacy upgrades in Android 13 DP1, Google further aims to limit the collection of user data for advertising and ensure users that their data is safe. The company will ensure this with the new “Privacy Sandbox for Android,” an initiative for Google to come up with advertising solutions that do not compromise the users’ privacy.

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Privacy Sandbox Details At a Glance

Currently, Google has just announced Privacy Sandbox, which will limit data sharing with third parties and will provide a way to “operate without cross-app identifiers, including advertising ID.However, Google hasn’t really revealed how it will achieve this.

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For those who don’t know, Privacy Sandbox is not a new initiative by Google. it has only been extended to Android users after being available for Google Search for the longest time. This version limits third-party cookies and covers tracking. It started with FLoC API and now uses Topics API that is aimed to show relevant content and ads to users without putting their privacy at risk.

However, it remains to be seen what methods Privacy Sandbox’s Android version uses to limit the collection of user data. It is also revealed that Google’s initiative for Android users isn’t derived from what Apple is doing

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Taking a jab at the Cupertino giant in a blog postGoogle states, “We realize that other platforms have taken a different approach to ads privacy, bluntly restricting existing technologies used by developers and advertisers. We believe that — without first providing a privacy-preserving alternative path — such approaches can be ineffective and lead to worse outcomes for user privacy and developer businesses.

For the uninitiated, Apple provides users with the choice of whether or not they want apps to track them and get access to their data. It provides them with the option via a notification and a simple click and helps them get out of it.

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For this, Google will build tools and methods for developers, while supporting existing ads platform features. Developer previews for this are expected to be out by this year and a beta release is in the pipeline for this year’s end† We can expect to get more details on the initiative soon, so stay tuned for further updates.

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