Google Chrome Gets a New Logo After 8 Years; Check out the New Logo Here!

Download Google Chrome Gets a New Logo After 8 Years; Check out the New Logo Here! for free

Google has decided to give a makeover to Chrome’s logo for the first time since it was last changed way back in 2014. Chrome logo is now going for a simpler look, which matches Google’s “modern brand expression.” Here’s a look at what changes Google has introduced.

google chrome logo change

Google Chrome Logo Is Changing

The new Google Chrome logo is appearing for users in the Canary build. While Google is keeping the standard four-colored circular logo and the flat look that was introduced in 2011, it is going for changes like brighter colors, refined proportions, and no shadows.

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It has also been revealed that the new Google Chrome logo will come with OS-specific customizations for a more personal feeling on macOS, Windows, or Chrome OS while retaining the Google Chrome design, which is recognizable.

For instance, Google Chrome on Windows will have a more “gradated look,” Chrome OS will have brighter colors sans the gradient look, and macOS will feature the Chrome logo with a 3D look. Moreover, on iOS, the beta app’s logo embraces a blueprint-like design similar to the TestFlight app. Chrome designer Elvin Hu detailed these new customized Chrome looks in a tweet. You can have a look at the Twitter thread right here.

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There are a few more tweaks here and there. For example, the Blue circle in the middle appears larger and the “green” has a gradient look, which avoids the otherwise “unpleasant color vibration” seen currently when the red meets the green. While Chrome’s logo changes are too big to be liked or disliked, the customization option feels like something noticeable and likable!

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It is revealed that the new Google Chrome logo will be live for users across all devices with the release of Chrome 100 very soon. Hence, do watch out for the new updated logo, and don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts on the change.

Featured Image Courtesy: Elvain Hu/Twitter

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