Google Messages Gets Support for iMessage Reactions

Google Messages Gets Support for iMessage Reactions

Google is trying to solve a problem Android users have been facing for a while on Google Messages. It now supports iMessage reactions, which were previously shown as text (yea, no emojis!) when an iOS user reacted to messages sent by an Android user.

Google Messages Gets Support for iMessage Reactions

iMessage Reactions Shown in Google Messages

It is revealed that iMessage reactions will now be visible on Google Messages as part of its latest beta version 20220121_02_RC00. Now, they won’t appear exactly like iMessage reactions but will be converted into emojis. This is of course, much better than emojis in written format, which ended up cluttering the whole chat and defeating the whole purpose of emoticons.

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The iMessage reactions feature can also be enabled or disabled as per your choice. All you need to do is head to Google Messages’ Settings -> Advanced -> Show iPhone reactions as emojiand you are good to go.

Image courtesy: DroidLife

The new update comes after Google tested this functionality in November last year. But, this was for a limited number of users. And now, more people can access this nifty feature. One thing to note is that the feature isn’t available for the general audience, although it might reach Google Messages’ stable version soon. Until then, you can download the beta from the Google Play Store and start using it.

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We tried testing the said feature but it isn’t available for use at the time of writing. We can expect it to reach more people gradually. While Google has solved one major problem faced by Android users while conversing with their iOS friends, it still hasn’t introduced the ability for them to react to the messages sent from iOS. Maybe, that will happen soon too!

If you end up using the new functionality, do let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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