Google Pixel 8a Wallpapers Leaked; Download Them Right Now!

People have been waiting for Google’s Pixel 8A for a while now. The phone is intended as a mid-range competitor, alongside other options such as the Nothing Phone (2) and OnePlus 11R. Although the phone isn’t out yet, the wallpapers have already been leaked!

The Pixel 8A wallpapers feature Google’s Mineral Collection, recreated by Andrew Zuckerman. This leak was shared by X user @Za_Raczke, in collaboration with Smartprix. There are both light and dark variants of the wallpaper available.

pixel 8a leaked wallpapers
Pixel 8A Wallpapers Leaked (Hematite and Barite) | (Source: Smartprix)

New themes include Titanite, Barite and Hematite. Each represents a different mineral. The Titanite wallpaper is centered around the green color and shows a detailed image of an emerald. The Barite wallpaper has a bright sky blue color and finally the Hematite wallpaper has a dark black theme. I definitely like the darker versions of these wallpapers better!

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Users who are interested in downloading the Pixel 8A wallpapers can visit Smartprix and go there. The leak also mentioned that there were several artworks Anti Kalevi (artist from Finland) could also make it to the final collection.

Google Pixel smartphone
Google is expected to unveil a new Pixel 8A soon

The Pixel 8A will impress everyone with its affordable price, combined with the Tensor chip and highly optimized cameras. There have been leaked renders of this phone, showing what the smartphone could look like. Now that the wallpapers have been leaked, you can use them on your own smartphone!

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What do you think of the leaked Pixel 8A wallpapers? Let us know in the comments below.

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