Guard Your Privacy on Android with the Antistalker – Mobile Security App

Guard Your Privacy on Android with the Antistalker – Mobile Security App

While Google is adding lots of privacy and security features to Android, they are not enough to protect your privacy. Google, being an ad company, does not block any trackers or restrict background data transmission between apps and web servers. If you want to guard your privacy on Android, I highly recommend you get the Antistalker – Mobile Security app. It’s an all-in-one app that brings data monitoring, intuitive mic and camera permission controls, a robust permission manager, and more to your hands. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and check out the best features of Antistalker – Mobile Security.

Guard Your Privacy on Android with the Antistalker - Mobile Security App

Antistalker – Mobile Security: Best Features Review (2022)

Data Monitoring and Blocking

One of the most important features of the Antistalker – Mobile Security app is its cool data monitoring capability. Similar to how cookies on websites track your activity online, Android apps also have a number of trackers working behind the scenes† They collect your location, storage, device model, battery info, and other private information. Some rogue apps even try to access your mic and camera in the background, which should not be allowed in the first place.

So with the data monitoring feature in the Antistalker app, you can track all the apps on your Android device that are sending data to their web servers. In fact, with this mobile security app, you can even block apps from communicating with their web servers† What we particularly like about this app is that there are three options to choose from: allow an app to communicate at all times, block an app when not in use, and third that completely block an app from sending any data. Talk about user choice, just in terms of privacy.

This granular set of options is great for users who want to fine-tune their privacy controls. For example, if you use a food delivery app, you would not want the app to collect your location in the background. In that case, use the second option and “Block sending of data when not in use” for that particular app. The best part is that you can customize these privacy controls for each and every app on your Android device, which is fantastic.

If you are thinking about how Malloc’s Antistalker app brings this feature, let me explain. it creates a local VPN on your Android device and routes the traffic through the local server. So yes, data leaves your device during this process. All the communication between apps and the VPN is done locally for added security and to further preserve your privacy. Not to mention, due to the local VPN, your battery life will not be hampered.

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Monitoring Console

Data monitoring is important, yet it’s useless if you can’t see which apps send data in the background. And the Antistalker – Mobile Security app brings a cohesive monitoring console, where you can see all the detections and change the privacy controls. The app offers filters to find out which apps have accessed your camera, microphone, or sent data, both while using the app and in the background. About time, it also displays a graph on the number of detections to give you an overview of your device’s privacy health.

note: Before we move ahead, it’s important to mention that you need to buy Antistakler’s Pro subscription to enable the impressive data monitoring capabilities (explained above) and see all the detections in the monitoring console. The Pro plan will also grant you access to features like the ability to mute the microphone, prevent physical access to strangers, and a root checker. We have explained all of these features in detail below. As for the pricing, the Antistalker Pro subscription starts at just $4.54 per month. You can also choose from the $6.83 quarterly plan (49% off right now) and the $25 annual plan (50% off right now)

Talking about the controls, you can swipe right on any app and whitelist it if you use that app pretty often and you trust it. You can also move to the Whitelisting menu, where you can manage all the exceptions. This way, you will not get constant notifications from your regular apps. Under the monitoring section, you can learn about the detection with the exact timestamp. Overall, we would say that the monitoring dashboard comes as a stellar addition to Antistalker – Mobile Security, especially with its intuitive controls and filters.

Mute Microphone

As we all know, spyware is getting common these days, and we never know which app is trying to access and record your audio without any permission in the background. If you have mistakenly granted microphone permission to an app, it can very well access your microphone in secrecy, especially if you are not on Android 12† So to steer clear of such privacy nightmares, Antistalker – Mobile Security brings a one tap mute microphone option† It simply disables the mic for all apps. However, when you make a call, it smartly enables the mic, for the time being, saving you from any kind of hassle. That’s amazing, right?

I tried to record an audio message in WhatsApp when the mic blocker was activated, and indeed, no audio was recorded with the mute option enabled. The feature works like a charm. There is also an option to add a Settings Bar in the notification shade. It lets you quickly enable or disable your mic, giving you instant access to mic permission.

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Moreover, if an app tries to access your mic or camera, the Antistalker app displays a pop-up notification that a particular app is using your mic or camera. All in all, in terms of controlling sensitive permissions like mic and camera, the app is feature-rich.

Permission Manager

While many Android skins come with their own permission managers, Malloc’s Antistalker app offers users a neatly designed permission manager with sensitive permissions on top. For example, it has created a category called “Apps with Microphone and Internet Access,” where it lists the apps on your device that have mic permission and internet access. This way, you can quickly disable mic permission for apps that don’t need it at all.

Similarly, there is also a category called “Apps with Camera and Internet Access”. You can straight away disable the camera permission for apps that don’t need it. The idea behind this custom permission manager is that no sensitive data will leave your device, which is great for privacy enthusiasts like me.

Android 12 users also get the “Apps with Nearby-Permission Access,” which indicates apps that can use Bluetooth to identify devices and wearables around you. It is a controversial feature, and tech companies have been accused of using it to infer location via the devices around you.

Anti-theft Alarm

One of the unique features of Antistalker – Mobile Security is the Antitheft Alarm. If you’re in a public place and have connected your phone to a charger and someone removes it without your knowledge, then the app makes a loud sound, notifying you that someone might be trying to steal your phone† Similarly, there is an option for motion detection, making the antitheft alarm ring loudly when someone moves the phone. There is also a third option to alert you when the phone is connected to a charger and someone unplugs it, and the app detects motion.

The alarm can only be deactivated with a custom PIN code or by unlocking the device and pressing a button. You can even choose the alarm duration as to how long the antitheft alarm should make a sound. To sum it up, the Antitheft Alarm feature in this app is feature-rich and comes as an added security measure to protect your phone from theft.

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Root Checker

While rooting a phone opens up limitless possibilities, it’s also prone to many security threats and loopholes. For average users, rooting a phone is not recommended at all, and the app provides a simple option to check if your phone has been rooted. it employs a multitude of methods to detect rootkits on the device. The Antistalker app looks for rooting apps, rooting binaries, superuser access, APKs with superuser access, man in the middle hooks, and much more. You can simply run the Root Checker, and it will give you a complete overview of your Android phone’s security in mere seconds.

AI – Spyware Detection (Upcoming Feature)

Malloc, the company behind the Antistalker security app, is also developing an AI-based spyware detection tool that is going to make your Android device even more secure. Malloc specializes in AI-driven privacy and security protection, so you will have a broader peace of mind with the upcoming feature.

Using Artificial Intelligence, the app will be able to detect spyware and dangerous apps on your device, which might be transmitting sensitive data in the background and will alert you before any data leakage happens. While the AI-based Spyware Detection feature hasn’t arrived in the Android app just yet, the company plans to launch it on the Antistalker – Mobile Security app in the coming months.

Protect Your Privacy With Antistalker – Mobile Security

So here’s a detailed overview of the amazing privacy and security features offered by the Antistalker app on Android. If you are someone who takes privacy seriously and wants to protect your online footprint, I would strongly recommend getting Antistalker – Mobile Security by Malloc. The app has no ads, but the free version only offers you some basic features. If you want complete protection on your phone, you should definitely opt for the Pro subscription plan. You can click on the link below to install Antistalker – Mobile Security from the Google Play Store.

Check Out Antistalker – Mobile Security

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