How Long to Beat Spider-Man 2? Answered

Single-player games are generally quite concise in length, as you’re usually following a linear experience that focuses on specific characters in the story. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is no different and aims to deliver an enchanting story in a condensed game time. While the prequels had a modest running time of 17 hours, the natural question one might have is the running time of the sequel. After all, the game launches on a weekday and you may have taken a day off to complete it. Whether you’re swinging through NYC or battling the game’s various villains, we’ll answer your questions: How long is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? So, read on to know the total length of the Spider-Man 2 game.

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How long is the Spider-Man 2 game?

Spider-Man 2 lasts the in-game runtime of each mission

Since we finished our Spider-Man 2 review, we’ve been roaming New York City fighting criminals. So we have the answer to Spider-Man 2’s running time based on our playthrough. The main story of this game is only slightly longer than the main story of the first game.

After we completed our review, we found that this required the most players 6-7pm to complete the main story of Spider-Man 2. This is only an hour or two longer than the first Spider-Man game.

Now Spider-Man 2 has tons of missions and side quests for you to complete. This could be something as simple as Marko’s memories or some tech pieces you need to upgrade your suit technology. When you start doing the side quests, the game play time increases to approx 25-26 hours, along with main and side missions. That means the total time to beat the game increases by 7-8 hours.

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However, if you’re someone who likes to sit down and complete every side quest, task, and all the trophy relationship missions (including the Platinum Trophy), you’ll probably need another 5-8 hours. That means the complete run for Spider-Man 2 on PS5 will take you through 30-35 hours. Since this is a single-player experience, the running time is justified and not excessive.

Story type Time to beat
Main story 6-7 p.m
Main story + side missions 25-26 hours
Main story Average time (even if you take it easy) 8-9 p.m
Completionist 30-35 hours

Spider-Man 2’s runtime matches senior director Ryan Smith’s claims. In a interview with VG247, Smith said the running time is around “same ballpark as the first game”, which matches our playthrough. 2018’s Spider-Man takes 17 hours to complete, while Spider-Man 2 takes 18-19 hours. Insomniac wanted to provide a tighter experience with memorable moments, which also applies to the journey you take as the spidey duo.

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