How to add a profile picture in WhatsApp

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Everyone loves to personalize their online presence and this is especially true when it comes to user profiles. If you can put a face to the name, someone will feel more real if you’ve never met them in real life. Since WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging platform in the world, let’s see how to add, change, and delete a profile picture on WhatsApp.

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To change your profile picture in WhatsApp, tap the existing picture. An edit button will appear in the mobile app that will allow you to change your profile picture. Click the existing image on the desktop, hover over the larger version of the image and you will see options to change the image to something else.


WhatsApp mobile settings

you see a to edit Link under the thumbnail of the picture. Tap on it.

Edit WhatsApp mobile profile

Other to edit A link will now appear in the top right corner of the screen that you should select now. This will open a menu.

WhatsApp phone change photo

As you can see from the options, you can take a photo with your phone’s camera or select a photo from your camera roll. Alternatively, you can delete the existing photo to remove it from your WhatsApp profile and remain anonymous.

How to change your profile picture on WhatsApp (desktop)

In the desktop version, first click on the profile picture in the upper left corner.

WhatsApp desktop profile picture
Change WhatsApp desktop profile picture

You can now upload a new photo from your computer by clicking. choose upload a photo, or Take a picture to take a new picture with your webcam. Note: You do not have to select delete picture First upload a new one. delete picture is only if you don’t end up wanting a profile picture at all.

Add a profile picture to a WhatsApp group (Android and iOS)

For a WhatsApp group on the phone, first tap the group photo in the top left corner.

WhatsApp mobile group icon

the Group information Section will now open. At the bottom right of the picture there is a small camera symbol. Tap on it.

Change icon for WhatsApp mobile group

A menu with options will appear. In addition to the usual options, you can also do a web search to find an image or select an emoji or sticker. To completely remove the group picture without replacing it, tap Reset icon.

WhatsApp mobile group icon options
WhatsApp group desktop icon

This will open a sidebar on the right called Group information. Hover over the group logo and a message will appear saying CHANGE GROUP ICON. Click it to reveal a menu of options.

Change WhatsApp groups desktop icon

In addition to the usual webcam shoot and uploading photos from your computer, there is also an Internet search function available that you can use to search for a suitable picture online.

New. If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, you can no longer see their profile picture. And if you block them, they won’t be able to see your profile picture either.

Can I hide a WhatsApp profile picture from certain contacts?

New. You can set your privacy settings so that your profile picture is not shown to all contacts or to anyone. There is no “middle ground” option.

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