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Playlist names distinguish one group of songs from another. For example, the “Seattle Road Trip 2022” playlist likely has a very different selection of songs than another playlist called “Family Christmas 2021”. Knowing how to rename playlists on Spotify is key for any listener, whether they subscribe to Spotify Premium or not.

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To rename a Spotify playlist on Android or iOS, navigate to the playlist you want to rename Your library. Choose next that ⋮. Button under the name of the playlist. Choose Edit playlist from the displayed menu. Then enter the new name for your playlist in the field below the cover photo. Finally, tap Save on computer.

To rename a Spotify playlist in the desktop app or web player, find the playlist you want to rename on the left side of the user interface. Right click on it. click rename. Enter the new name of the playlist then hit Enter on your keyboard.

Rename playlists on Spotify (Android and iOS)

Rename Spotify Playlist Mobile

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Rename Spotify Playlist Desktop

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Changing playlist names in the Spotify desktop app and web player is extremely easy.

  • Open the Spotify desktop app or web player.
  • Find the playlist that you want to rename. This is located on the left side of the user interface.
  • Right click on the playlist name and select rename.
  • Enter the new playlist name and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Here’s how to name your playlist on Spotify

Do you need some inspiration for the name of your playlist? We just showed you how to rename your playlist on Spotify. However, if you still need help determining your playlist title, we are here to help.

Does your playlist have a theme?

Custom Name Spotify Playlist 1

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After that, you need a simple descriptor to sum it all up. “Vibes”, “Tunes”, “Mood”, “Choices” and of course “Playlist” are some of the most popular end words when it comes to Spotify playlists.

Let’s say I want to make a playlist for Christmas. I just have to take this thematic element, Christmas, and add: feeling, Melodies, mood, elects, or Playlist until the end to have a good playlist name. Christmas Vibes, Christmas Tunes, Christmas Mood, Christmas Choices, and Christmas Playlist all work very well.

Does your playlist remind you of something funny?

Custom Name Spotify Playlist 2

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If your playlist is anything but legitimate, you may want to come up with a fun playlist name. Word games, memes, and longer, more specific phrases can all be used to set up a giggle playlist name.

What kind of songs do you think I have in my “My Back, My Back!”? Playlist?

What if your playlist is sad?

Custom Name Spotify Playlist 3

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Instead of moving on to something like “Soundtrack to My Sadge,” you could do something more specific. If the songs you choose are related to a particularly stressful event, like a breakup or the death of someone, don’t let that go with a generic playlist title. Chances are you always know what these numbers mean in context, so be sure to rely on them.

“2. December 2019 ”or the date this sad event took place could be the title of the playlist. Or anything to do with that person’s name.

What if my playlist makes me rap?

Custom name Spotify playlist 4

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Rap-related Spotify playlist names are all over the place, and they’re pretty easy to find.

If you need inspiration for your playlist name, you should look for lyrics that relate to your playlist. This can be lyrics in one of your playlist songs or lyrics that describe your playlist. For example, “Mom’s Spaghetti” is a perfect name for an Eminem-themed playlist.

If you are the one who created the collaborative playlist, i.e. the “owner,” then yes. You can change all the songs in the playlist and change the name, description and picture.

If you’re a playlist contributor, no. You can only change songs within the playlist.

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