How to Change Your Spotify Username

Whether you’re adding friends on Spotify or just trying to log in, your username plays a crucial role. But if you’re here, you’re probably just as confused as we were before. There are two types of names on Spotify that can identify you on the platform. One is your Spotify display name, the other is your username. You’re probably thinking, aren’t they just the same? Well, they’re not. Read on to clear up any confusion and learn how to change your Spotify profile name.

Spotify username vs display name

It took us some time to realize that your Spotify display name and username are completely different things. Your Spotify username is random set of characters which contain numbers and alphabets, which are assigned to you when you create your account.

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This username allows Spotify to uniquely identify you on the platform. And you should know that you cannot change your username on Spotify. And you can only see your username if you share your profile with others.

Showing what a Spotify username looks like
Spotify username

However, you can change your display name on Spotify, which works like an Instagram username, at any time. Moreover, you can change the display name as often as you want. This name will appear when someone visits your profile on Spotify. So if you’re like me and got your username and display name mixed up, this should clear things up for you.

Showing what a Spotify display name looks like
Spotify display name

How to change Spotify display name on Android and iOS

The process to change the display name is slightly different on the Spotify mobile and web apps. The steps remain the same on Android and iOS, and we’ll use the former here for the demo. Check out the steps below:

  • Open the Spotify app and tap your profile photo at the top left.
  • Than, tap your profile name in the hamburger menu.
  • Now, right below your full display name, tap the Editing knob.
  • Tap your name here and edit it according to your needs.
  • Than, tap Save in the top left corner of your screen.
Go to your Spotify profile, tap Edit and change the display name

Change the display name on the Spotify website and desktop app

  • Open the Spotify web or desktop app. Then click on your profile photo at the top right and select the Profile option.
  • On your profile page, click the horizontal three-dot icon below your profile photo and select the Edit profile choice.
Edit Spotify profile to change name in desktop app
  • Enter your new display name in the text box and click the To rescue knob.
Change the Spotify display name and save it in the desktop app

That brings us to the end of this simple guide. It’s understandable if you’re confused between your Spotify username and display name. But now we hope this guide has helped clarify the difference. The Spotify username cannot be changed, but if you want to change your display name, the steps above are all you need.

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