How to copy a playlist on Spotify

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If you’re listening to someone else’s playlist and wishing a certain song was gone or recorded, you’re out of luck. Unless the playlist is collaborative, you cannot edit playlists that have been started by someone else. However, you can copy all the songs from another playlist to one of yours can manipulate. How to copy a playlist to Spotify.

How to copy a playlist on Spotify

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Open the Spotify desktop app to copy a Spotify playlist. Navigate to the playlist you want to copy and select all of the songs in it. Right click on these songs, then choose one Add to new playlist or select the existing playlist into which you want to copy all the songs.


For example, let’s say you’re added to a family plan and need to use a new, different account. Of course, if you have a different Spotify account, the new one will not contain all of your saved “Likes” or playlists.

While you couldn’t copy your saved listening history that Spotify uses in its algorithm, you could essentially transfer all of your important music from the last account. All you need to do is make your old account’s playlists public and copy those playlists to the new account.

Open the Spotify desktop app and find the playlist you want to copy. In this case I want to make a copy of The Going Quantum playlist by artist Going Quantum.

Copy Spotify Playlist Desktop 1

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Then select all the songs in the playlist.

  • To do this on a Windows computer, press Ctrl+one on your keyboard.
  • To do this, press on an Apple computer Assignment+one on your keyboard.
Copy Spotify Playlist Desktop 2

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Finally, right click anywhere on the highlighted songs and move the cursor to Add to playlist. You have two options here:

  • Select the existing playlist to which you want to copy the playlist.
  • Choose Add to new playlist to create a new playlist with all the songs from the copied playlist.
Copy Spotify Playlist Desktop 3

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Make the playlist public

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  • Open the Spotify mobile app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Go to Your library and press the playlist you want to make public or private.
  • press the ⋮. Button under the title of the playlist.
  • Scroll down until you find the. see Privatize or Disclose Button; next to it there is a lock symbol. Select this one.

Desktop and web players

Create a playlist for the public desktop

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  • Right-click the playlist you want to publish (add to your profile) or privatize (remove from your profile).
  • Click on the option that says either Add to profile or Remove from profile.

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