How to Create 90s AI Yearbook Photos for TikTok and Reels

The AI ​​Yearbook photo trend is making waves on social media and people are loving the high-quality images generated. These AI visuals have a 90s vibe and look quite attractive. People use SNOW’s popular EPIK AI Photo editor to generate 90s yearbook templates. Currently, the app is trending on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. So if you want to make yourself a 90s AI yearbook, follow our step-by-step practical guide below.

1. First, go ahead and download it EPIK AI Photo Editor app (iOS And AndroidFree with in-app purchases).

2. Then tap the “AI yearbook‘ option in the menu on the home page.

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3. Then go through the instructions and tap “Get on.”

4. Now, upload 8 to 12 selfies with a clear face. Do not upload photos with masks or glasses. Please note that do not upload photos of children or exposed photos as these will be sent to the company’s servers for image generation.

generate an AI yearbook using the EPIK AI photo editor

5. Then select your sex on the next page.

6. Now choose one of the paid options. Yes, the AI ​​Yearbook feature in the EPIK app is paid. The standard option generates 60 Yearbook AI images in 24 hours and costs $5.99. While the Express option generates 60 Yearbook images within 2 hours for $9.99.

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7. Once you make the payment, the app will start generating your AI yearbook. You will see a timer in the app that says ‘to be revealed in [x] minutes or hours”

8. The EPIK AI app does notify you once the images are ready. I chose the Express option and it generated my 90s AI Yearbook photos in just 20 minutes.

select payment option and generate 90s AI images using EPIK app

9. Here are all sample AI yearbook images from the 90s generated using the EPIK AI Photo Editor app. I mean, the image generation here is pretty good, aside from minor issues here and there.

10. In addition to each image you can also save the Yearbook video to share it on TikTok and Reels. Cool, right?

save AI video of yearbook with EPIK app

So here’s how you can make yourself a 90s AI yearbook photo album. If you want Generate AI headshots for professional use you can go to our linked article for some fantastic free services. And for the best AI art generators, we have a curated list ready for you. Are you having problems with this AI app? Let us know in the comments box and we will help you further.

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Image courtesy: Twitter/Pokimane & Arjun Shah/Beebom

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