How to find and change your WhatsApp phone number

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How WhatsApp uses your phone number? That’s probably the most important question everyone is asking as the messaging giant continues to dominate people’s mobile devices. As a Facebook-owned company, privacy-conscious people shouldn’t be held responsible for wondering what role their number plays in WhatsApp.

How to find and change your WhatsApp phone number

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With WhatsApp, your phone number acts as your unique account ID. While with other services you would have a username like this: johnsmith123, WhatsApp identifies you by your phone number instead. This means that without a working cell phone number, the service is unusable and you cannot hide your number from your WhatsApp contacts.


How to find your number on WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn’t assign you a specific phone number, so your WhatsApp phone number is just your mobile phone number. However, you can view the number associated with your account by going to Settings and tapping your user photo to open your profile.

whatsapp android profile picture
WhatsApp Android user data

How to change your WhatsApp phone number on the same phone

If you change your phone’s SIM card and use a new phone number, you need to change the number associated with your WhatsApp account. Otherwise, your past chat history and media will become inaccessible and you’ll essentially be starting from scratch.

First insert the new SIM card into your phone. Then go to WhatsApp Settings -> Account -> Change number.

whatsapp change mobile number

Now enter the old phone number and the new phone number. Don’t forget to include the international access codes.

change whatsapp android number

You will receive a confirmation that you are switching from one number to another. Choose whether you want your contacts to be notified of your new number. Finally tap DONE at the bottom of the screen to send a text message to the new number to confirm it’s yours.

confirm whatsapp android change number

How to change your WhatsApp phone number on a new phone

How to transfer WhatsApp chat archive to new phone.

whatsapp android backup

Now install WhatsApp on the new phone and enter it when asked for a mobile number. It will also prompt you to restore a previous backup and finally your message history will be displayed. Just follow the on-screen instructions. On Android, make sure you’re already signed into the Google account where your backup is stored. On the iPhone, make sure you are already signed in to the iCloud account where the backup is stored.

How to check if your WhatsApp number is blocked?

When setting up WhatsApp on your phone, you may receive a message that WhatsApp has blocked your number. WhatsApp says they block any numbers that violate their terms of service. These can be things like spamming, adding too many people to groups, creating too many groups (although they don’t say how many are allowed in total), and various other unspecified behaviors that the system might allow. are marked .

Is your WhatsApp number the same as your mobile number?
There is no unique assigned WhatsApp number. WhatsApp only uses your cell phone number.

Can I use WhatsApp without a phone number?
No, this is currently not possible.

How to check if you already have a WhatsApp account?
Install WhatsApp and when prompted for a cell phone number, enter the number you think is already associated with an account. If the phone number is used with a WhatsApp account, this will be displayed.

How can I hide my phone number from my WhatsApp contacts?
This is not possible. However, since they need your number to send you a WhatsApp message, they already have it. So why hide?

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