How to Get Bees in Minecraft (2022 Guide)

How to Get Bees in Minecraft (2022 Guide)

If you have met them before, you might agree that bees are one of the cutest mobs to ever exist in Minecraft. Well, at least until you make them angry. And for the ones doubting their importance, Minecraft received a whole major update named the “Buzzy Bees update.” With such cuteness and reputation comes the apparent need to find bees in Minecraft and learn what they do. We will cover everything you need to know how to get bees in Minecraft. We will go over their habits, biomes, and more to quickly discover bees in Minecraft.

How to Get Bees in Minecraft (2022 Guide)

Find and Capture Bees in Minecraft (2022)

We are covering the behavior and spawning of bees in separate sections. But do keep in mind that their spawning is slightly different in Minecraft Java vs Bedrock editions† Though, more on that later. For now, let’s figure out how to find bees in Minecraft. You can use the table below to explore each of them as per your interest.

Where Do Bees Spawn in Minecraft

Like most wildlife mobs in the game, bees only spawn in the overworld dimension of Minecraft. In terms of biomes, the bees have a 100% chance of spawning in the meadow biome† It is one of the many mountain biomes introduced in the recent Minecraft 1.18 Update†

You can also find bees in plains, sunflower plains, flower forests, forests, and birch forests biomes. However, the spawn rate is significantly lower in these biomes. The second highest chances of bees’ spawning are in plains and sunflower plains biome. But that too only at 5%.

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How to Find Bees in Minecraft

Once you are in the correct biome, it only takes little practice before you start spotting the bees. But to make things easier for you, we will cover a few indicators that you can seek to find bees. Each of these indicators help confirm the presence of bees in that area.

Beehives or Bee Nests

The most common item you can relate to bees in Minecraft is the beehive, or as Minecraft calls it, the bee nest. As you might know, it’s the resting place of bees and the location where they store honey. In Minecraft, a bee nest can accommodate up to 3 bees simultaneously. If a bee is homeless, it will wander around until it finds an empty bee nest.

So, an easy way to locate bees in the game is by looking for bee nests. Unlike bees, they remain stationary at one spot. Then, you can wait for the bees to come back to the bee nest. usually, bees return to their homes at night or when it’s raining. When they are back, bees stay inside the bee nest for around two minutes before leaving.


As you can expect, the bee nests spawn connected to the trees in Minecraft. But not on every tree. Bee nests can only be found on oak or birch trees in the game. So, if you are looking for beehives, keep an eye on these two types of trees. Additionally, at times, even oak or birch trees growing from saplings can spawn a bee nest. That is, as long as there are flowers nearby.

However, the chances of a bee nest naturally spawning from a sapling are below 5%. But if nothing works out, it’s worth a try.

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How to Capture Bees in Minecraft

Once you know how to get bees in Minecraft, the next step is keeping them. As described above, bees don’t stay in a small area for a long time, even if it’s their home. So, you can’t expect them to remain with you naturally or to follow you. However, there are specific methods you can use to capture and transport bees in Minecraft.

Silk Touch Pickaxe

The easiest way to transport bees is by carrying them inside their own home. But attacking or mining a bee nest causes bees to attack and kill the player. So, you need to use a pickaxe with silk touch enchantment applied instead. Silk touch allows you to mine the block in its current position and carry it in your inventory. You can use our Minecraft enchantments guide to understand how it works.

Silk Touch Pickaxe on Bee Nest

That means if you mine a bee nest with bees in it, the silk touch enchantment will protect the bees and their home from any damage. They will stay inside the bee nest without causing any harm. Then, you can place the bee nest on birch or oak trees at any other location, and the bees will start coming out once again. But do keep in mind that bees get damaged by water in the Java edition. So, placing the nests near water might not be the best idea.

Move Bees using Lead

Like how a leash works in the real world, players can move some Minecraft mobs by placing the lead on them. You can right-click or use the secondary action key to attach a lead on bees. Doing so will put a rope around their body, and you can hold the rope and drag the bees to transport them to any location.

As for how to craft a lead in Minecraft, you can do so using a slime ball and four strings. Once you have these items, you need to make a crafting table and use the recipe shown in the screenshot above.

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Lure Bees with Flowers

Luring Bees in Minecraft with Flowers

Finally, the easiest and most common way to capture or teleport bees in Minecraft is using flowers. All you need to do is hold a flower in your hand and move in front of the bees. Then, the flower will naturally attract all the bees around you. This way, you can easily make the bees follow you to any particular location.

Get and Keep Bees in Minecraft Today

Whether it’s to level up your base or collect honey, you can now easily get bees in Minecraft. Just keep in mind that if you hurt the bees in any way, they will attack you and usually in groups. So, either you will have to be good with your weapons, or you need to use one of the many best minecraft armor enchantments to protect yourself. Irrespective of how you deal with them, Minecraft bees can be useful in many situations. In some cases, players have even used bees to kill other mobs with tactical gameplay. But if you doubt their power, use one of the best minecraft mods to enhance their abilities. With that said, what makes you interested in Minecraft bees? Tell us in the comments!

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