How to Get Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock Edition (2022)

Finding things in Minecraft can be a tough job. You have to dig, explore, and travel miles without knowing what to expect. Only if there was a way to see through blocks in the game. No, we are not talking about the best minecraft mods† Instead, thanks to the spectator mode such X-ray-like features are already present in the vanilla world of Minecraft. In fact, the players of Java edition have been using it for years to see and pass through blocks to find the cave biomes, structures, ores, and more. All with no extra effort. And now, you can get the same spectator mode on all the other platforms of Minecraft too. So, let’s not waste a moment more and figure out how to get spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock right away.

Get Into Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock (2022)

We have divided our guide into separate sections for your ease, explaining what is spectator mode before moving on to detail the steps to access the feature. Use the table below to explore each of the sections at your convenience.

What is Spectator Mode in Minecraft

Spectator mode is one of the various Minecraft game modes. It allows players to fly around the world and pass through blocks and entities in the game. You can’t kill mobs, break blocks, or even use items like the crafting table in this fashion. Moreover, unlike in creative mode, you can’t stop flying in this mode. You always have to float as there is no option to interact with blocks, and thus, you can’t land on them.

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What Is the Use of Spectator Mode?

Most players use the spectator mode in Minecraft to find loot, explore adventure maps, and locate areas without any risks. But you can also use it to:

  • Travel at a faster rate in the game
  • Escape tricky maps without triggering any traps or mobs
  • Reach places without breaking blocks or leaving a trail; similar to teleportation in Minecraft
  • Spectate and manage other players on an online server

Mob View: Look Through a Mob’s Eyes in Minecraft

Another fun use of spectator mode is to experience Minecraft from the perspective of the mobs† With spectator mode active, you can use your attack button on any mob to see the world from its viewpoint. It doesn’t allow you to control the mobs. But spectating some mobs like a creeper enables unique filters on your view to accurately reflect how that mob sees the Minecraft world.

Mob View of Creepers
Mob View of Creeper in Minecraft

As of April 2022, this particular feature of the spectator mode is only available in the Minecraft Java Edition. Having said that, it’s time to learn how to turn on spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock.

How to Use Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock

To use the spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock, make sure you are on the Minecraft Beta or higher. If you don’t want to use the betas in your main game, you can also go for the Minecraft Preview app. Once installed, follow these steps to go into spectator mode on Minecraft Bedrock:

1. As spectator mode only works with commands, you have to enable cheats in your Minecraft world. You can do so by going to the game settings in the pause menu and turning on the “Activate Cheats” toggle.

Activate Cheats on Bedrock

2. Next, go back to your world and open the chat option. If you are on a Windows PC, you can press the “T” key to open it. Meanwhile, console and touch device users have other dedicated buttons and icons to access the chat window.

MCPE Chat Icon

3. In the chat, write the following command and press the send button.

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/game mode 6

Your UI will then disappear, and the game mode will immediately switch to the spectator mode.

gamemode 6 command for spectator mode in Bedrock Minecraft

4. Once you are in the spectator mode, you can use the same controls as the creative mode to fly around and through the world.

Spectator mode on Minecraft Bedrock Beta

Spectator Mode: Differences Between Java and Bedrock

Thanks to the long-running lack of parity between Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions, the spectator mode isn’t the same on both versions too. Here are some of the major differences between the two:

  • You can’t use the mob view in the Bedrock edition.
  • The ability to see invisible entities is also exclusive to the Java edition.
  • Due to better resource allocation, the world loading for spectator mode is smoother in the Bedrock edition.
  • On the Java edition, you can use the F3+N shortcut to switch to spectator mode. There are no such shortcuts on the Bedrock edition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Minecraft Mobs See You in Spectator Mode?

Most mobs in Minecraft can’t see or recognize you in spectator mode. However, as per our testing, the Allay notices and follows you even if you are in spectator mode. It can’t pass through blocks like a spectator, so it will give up and stop following you if you travel through blocks.

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Q: Can Players See You in Spectator Mode?

Unless they are in spectator mode as well, the other players can’t see you while you are spectating.

Q: How Do You Get to the Nether in Spectator Mode

To use a Nether portal or an end portal, for that matter, you have to first switch to another game mode. Once you are in the new dimension, you can switch back to the spectator game mode.

Turn On Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock Today

Taking it as proof of parity improvements, the spectator mode is bringing Minecraft’s two editions even closer in terms of features. You can use this X-ray vision power of the spectator mode to do a variety of in-game stuff without any external add-ons. However, that’s not all. As Mojang is still in the testing phase of this game mode, alongside a host of other Minecraft 1.19 Updates, we might receive the other missing game modes for Bedrock too. Yes, we are talking about the amazing hardcore mode, which is also exclusive to the Java edition for now. The closest thing Bedrock players have at the moment are these best minecraft adventure maps† But even those are easy to defeat if you know how to use a Beacon in Minecraft

Having said that, spectator mode is a positive step in improving Minecraft’s parity across versions and platforms. But what other features do you want to see ported from the Java edition to the Minecraft Bedrock edition? Tell us in the comments below!

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