How to Get Your YouTube Music Recap 2023

Unlike Apple Music, your listening statistics on YouTube Music and Spotify are not available all year round. However, it is that time of year when both platforms release their statistics from the previous year. Thanks to this you will find out which song, artist or album you listened to the most, a great way to summarize your musical journey for the year. So if you use YouTube Music like me, you’ll be happy to know that YouTube Music Recap 2023 is now rolling out. So here’s how to unlock and open it!

Access your YouTube Music summary 2023

For starters, you’ll need to have at least 10 hours of music streaming to unlock your YouTube Music Recap this year. Also note that you can only access the YT Music Recap via Android and iOS app, unlike Spotify packedwhich is also accessible via the internet.

The great thing is that the way to access your summary is the same on both platforms. So in this case we used an Android device to show you how it works. Follow the steps below:

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1. Open the YouTube Music app on your iPhone or Android device and tap your profile icon in the upper right corner.

2. Then select Your summary from here to go to the official Recap feed page.

Visit the YouTube Music Recap 2023 page

YouTube Music Recap isn’t always consistently rolled out to everyone at the same time, like Spotify Wrapped. So if you have the “Nothing to hear here” error message on your summary page. Don’t worry, it will eventually be unlocked for you too.

3. Once on your 2023 summary page, tap the “Get your summarybutton. You can view your YT Music Recap stats here. Tap the left and right corners of these slides to scroll through them.

Access YouTube Music Recap 2023

Download/share your YouTube music feed

1. To download your summary slides, you need to tap First your summary button on your summary page and go to the statistics slides.

2. Then, once you start viewing your Recap slides, you will see a small Download button bottom left of each slide. Tap this to download the slide to your camera roll.

3. To share these slides on your social media, you can tap the big one Share button At the bottom.

Download and share your YouTube Music Recap 2023

If you ask me, simply downloading the slides you want to share will save you the trouble of constantly revisiting your summary page and tapping the share button. So I downloaded them all and saved them to my camera roll, ready to be shared wherever and whenever I want.

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According to a YouTube support Page, by simply typing “Recap” into your YouTube Music search, you can also find your recap playlist. However, this didn’t work for us and we also couldn’t find an additional way to access the 2023 Recap playlist. Additionally, a nice little feature that I really liked was the new “Your album covers on YT Music Recap, which uses colors from the album covers of your best songs that YouTube introduced this year. Have you received your YouTube Music Recap 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

Why isn’t YouTube Music’s summary working?

YouTube will need time to eventually make their summary available to everyone. So if you see the “Nothing to hear here” message on your summary page, don’t worry, just give it time. It will reach you in some time. Also keep in mind that you must listen to at least 10 hours of music before your annual digest is unlocked. If you’re someone who mainly listens to songs on YouTube Music offline after downloading it, it won’t count toward those 10 hours.

How do I find my most listened to music on YouTube?

When you open your YouTube Music Recap, you will find your most listened to music, albums, artists and all the statistics there in the form of slides. You can easily download these slides from there to your device’s camera roll.