How to Hide Account Level in Valorant

Leveling up is part of gaming, and Valorant is no exception. Initially, Valorant did not include any leveling system. But a few game patches later, Riot Games added the account-level feature to help you keep track of your experience as it continues to grow the more games you play. However, if you don’t want others to know about it, you have the option to hide your account level from everyone in Valorant. Learn how to hide your account level using the steps below.

How to hide account level on Valorant

  1. Open Valorant and go to the Collection section.
  2. Find your Player Card on the right and click on it.
  3. On the next page, go to the Level Boundaries tab.
  4. Here you will find the Show my account level on my player card option at the bottom right and uncheck the box.
  • Valorant Collection page button
  • Player Cards section in Valorant Collection
  • Hide the Account Level option in Valorant

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Why hide account level on Valorant

Valorant has several ways to showcase your experience in the game. You can show your rank, overall experience, or even your old act rank. However, if you are in a lobby full of toxic players and you are underperforming, they may continue to berate you for having high levels and not being good.

Whenever this happens, you can report such players in the game. Otherwise, you can just hide your account level so as not to give away your experience. You can also use this feature to play unrated games without anyone knowing how long you’ve been playing or how much experience you have.

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How to change the border at the account level

The player level is the same as your account level and you can adjust the border for the account level shown on your player card.

To customize the level border, you can change it via Collections -> Player Cards -> Level Borders. You can select the border you have already unlocked from there. Once you have selected the border you want, click the Equip border knob.

Change the account level limit in Valorant

So that was the simple method to hide your account level in Valorant. You can always enable it again by checking the box from the unboxed state. You can also appear offline on Valorant for more privacy.

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