How to Make Tuff Bricks in Minecraft 1.21

When tuff was first introduced to Minecraft, it didn’t have any variants, leaving the community wanting slabs and stairs at the very least. But thanks to the Minecraft 1.21 update, we received much more than that. Among all the beautiful additions, tuff is now competing for the spot of the best stone block in the entire game.

Tuff has the same structural pattern as other brick blocks, but in dark colors with a green tint that resembles the regular tuff block. Tuff stones are absolutely beautiful and can be used with a lot of other blocks, such as deep slate and blackstone. That said, we’ll show you what items you need to craft tuff bricks along with the crafting recipe in Minecraft 1.21. So without further delay, let’s get started!

Tools you need to make tuff bricks

To make tuff bricks, you first need to make another tuff variant in Minecraft 1.21, and that is the polished tuff block. This beautiful block requires you to place four tuff blocks in a 2 x 2 configuration in a crafting grid.

Recipe for polished tuff blocks

To make 4 tuff blocks, you need at least 4 polished tuff blocks. Plus, you don’t have to use one crafting table for the tuff brick recipe, as you can also use the crafting grid from your inventory. However, as an alternative, as we did with the polished tuff, you can use a stonemason’s block which will give you the same proportion as the regular crafting method. But you can use it to make as many tuffs as you want, instead of in multiples of four.

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How to Make Tuff Bricks in Minecraft 1.21

Once you’ve obtained the required polished tuff blocks, follow the step-by-step process below to craft tuff bricks and take your builds to the next level in the game.

Method 1: Using Crafting Grid

  • First press ā€œEā€ on your keyboard to open the inventory.
  • Then take at least 4 polished tuff stones and fill the entire 2 x 2 grid with one block in each slot.
  • As soon as you do that, four tuff stones will appear on the right of the result box.
  • Finally, click on that lock and move the tuffs to your inventory.
Recipe for tuff stones in Minecraft 1.21

As you can see, for this recipe you always need multiples of four polished tuff blocks to make the same number of tuff stones. But what if you only need 2 tuffs? That’s where the stonemason becomes useful.

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Method 2: Using a stonemason

So place the stonemason in your Minecraft and right-click on it to get started. Follow the steps below to see what to do next:

  • Place the polished tuff block into the slot on the left. Alternatively, you can place a regular tuff block in this slot and still create tuff bricks.
  • Than, select the tuff in the central user interface, and they then appear in the results window on the right.
Two recipes for tuff in the stonemason with plain and polished tuff blocks

Now you can hover over the tuff in the right slot and move it to your inventory. This consumes the polished or regular tuff block and gives you one tuff. So, by using a stonemason, you can get a 1:1 ratio between the input and output materials.

Where can you find Tuff Bricks in your world?

The way all the copper and tuff blocks were announced is by presenting the epic, new tasting rooms in Minecraft 1.21. That is exactly where you will see the tuffs forming naturally. The trial chambers will appear underground, directly beneath the deep shale layer, and will consist of procedurally generated chambers. Furthermore, the process chambers will focus on the combat challenges, so getting into this structure may be easy, but getting out will be more of a problem.

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Granted, tuffs do have that no special applications other than being a building block, at least at the time of writing. But even if that is the case, they will be one of the most commonly manufactured blocks in medieval house building. Thanks to the highlights and shadows on the texture, tuff appears to have depth that other stones do not have.

Moreover, you can use the trusted stonemason again to cut the tuff block into slabs, stairs and walls. By placing tuff stones in the crafting table or a craftsman You can also create different tuff variants in the configurations in the images below. However, especially for stairs, stonemason is a better option.

Now you know how to make awesome tuff blocks in Minecraft 1.21. What are your thoughts on it? Do you want tuff stones to have a special application or are you okay with them just being a building block? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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