How to Play Gekko in Valorant: Abilities, Tips and Tricks & More

Valorant’s youngest initiator can, for lack of a better word, be called unorthodox. Gekko was released at a time when duelists were dominating the meta. It was the perfect agent to prevent an aggressive duelist from peeking into the corner every round without consequences. Among all Appreciate agentsGekko is unique in its approach. He can have an impact on certain cards. So, without wasting any time, let’s find out more about Gekko in Valorant, including his abilities, how to play him and all the important tips and tricks.

Gekko in Valorant: skills explained

Globules (passive)

Valorant Gekko Spheres passive

Geckos pets turn into a ball after use or duration. Gekko can claim the balls and revive his pets to use them again. Once the pets are back, so will they be usable after 10 seconds. This makes Gekko one of the most unique sidekick or support characters in Valorant.

Wingman (Q)

Gecko Wingman is walking
  • Attack – 1
  • Credit costs – 300
  • Duration – 5 seconds (without peak) / 2.5 stun
  • PK – 80
  • Cooling down – 10 seconds (influenced by dots)

Grab the Wingman and throw him in a certain direction. Wingman runs in that direction and bounces off walls or structures. When Wingman finds an enemy, he immediately starts running faster. After covering a distance, Wingman will get close to the enemy, after which he will stun the enemy.

Once you have the spike, you can use the alternate fire button to send Wingman to plant the spike for you. This makes Gekko reliable for planting or defusing the Spike in Valorant.

Mosh pit (C)

Moshpit skill
  • Attack – 1
  • Credit costs –250
  • Duration – 3 seconds
  • Injury – 10 damage per second (3 seconds), then 25-50 damage per tap

You have to throw Mosh to the ground. After hitting the ground, Mosh explodes creating a poisonous pit and taking everyone standing in the pit heavy damage over time. After a while, the poison pit also bursts and kills everyone in it. Enemies with full HP will die if they are in the center of the pit.

Dizzy (E)

Gekko launches Dizzy
  • Attack – 1
  • Credit costs – Free
  • Duration – 0.5 seconds launch / 2.5 seconds in the air / 1 second blind
  • PK – 20
  • Cooling down – 10 seconds (influenced by dots)

Gekko launches Dizzy into the air. While in the air, Dizzy spits blue goo into the eyes of the enemies he sees, blinding them. The blindness does not affect enemies’ side vision. Dizzy has good flashes, but still can’t compete with flashes like Breach or Phoenix throws.

Thrash (X)

Thrash walks forward and bursts
  • Ultimate point – 7
  • Duration – 0.6 seconds charging time/6 seconds roaming time/6 seconds holding time
  • PK –200
  • Cooling down – 10 seconds (influenced by dots)

Activate Thrash and launch him forward. Thrash moves around in a quick motion, giving crucial information to Gekko. When in use, Trash can jump onto an area and explode. When detonated, Thrash disarms enemies in that area and slows their movement. This makes Gekko the second agent that can completely eliminate enemies in Valorant.

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How to play Gekko in Valorant: tips and tricks

Gekko gameplay role and style

Gekko is a great addition to the already existing one varied pool of initiators. Usually, initiators can only contribute by locating enemies or flashing them with their skills. However, Gekko came up with some brownie points. Gekko comes with abilities that can flash, locate, stun, and disarm.

These all come with a Wingman to help Gekko. Yes, Gekko can plant or defuse the spike at will while in a firefight. So both in attack and in defense, Gekko can always provide that extra Wingman flair.

To conclude how to play Gekko, the answer will be: play aggressively and take charge. Instead of being completely supportive, throw in your utilities early on and get your weapons out. Because you can take your abilities back, thanks to your passive attitude, you can always continue to use them. Use the dots and make sure you don’t regret using your skills.

Cards and agents to play with Gekko

Key Takeaway:

Best cards for Gekko – Bind, Split, Breeze
Best agents for Gekko – Harbor, Sage, Deadlock, Raze, Sova, Viper

Initiators are the kind of agents who can work on any map or situation. However, on certain maps you will need to choose specific initiators for a higher success rate. That said, Gekko is one such agent who can be a versatile initiator on certain maps.

Let’s start with the fact that Gekko can use his abilities early on and immediately take them back for reuse. This makes it perfect for Evaluating cards like it Binding and splitting. On these maps you can push early with the Dizzy and Wingman and immediately take them back for a rotation or push further. The new updated Breeze also goes well with Gekko because of its great plant or harmlessness benefit.

Gekko can be a good addition to any team composition in Valorant. However, the first agent that comes to mind is Harbor. Harbor can provide cover for the Wingman with all its utilities while the Wingman plans or neutralizes the spike. Sage, impasse, frenzy, sleep, and Viper can also be great companions for Gekko.

Sage and Deadlock can provide the slow effects with their orb or gravnet respectively, while Gekko burns the enemies using moshpit. Gekko can also play the role of the slow or stunning agent that Raze, Sova and Viper can take advantage of. Additionally, Sage and Viper can also provide cover for plants or neutralize the Wingman.

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Tips and tricks for best use of Gekko capabilities

Gekko is not a traditional initiator of Valorant. So make sure you always use your tools before proceeding. Each of Gekko’s skills can support the team in different ways. Make sure you take charge and start executing as this will greatly benefit your team.

  • Block enemies on defense: On the defensive side, make sure you stay alive as long as possible. Taking over a site with Gekko is always easier. Use your mosh pit to stop enemies at the entrance to the site. If the enemy enters the area and starts planting the spike, use the mosh pit to move or slow the plant. Once the spike is planted, play with teammates and send Wingman to defuse the spike. This will distract the enemy and shift their focus to disarming them. If they keep fighting, Wingman will defuse it. Keep in mind that Wingman will die if none of your allies are still alive.
  • Send Wingman in time for plants/harmless: The ability to use any of his utilities to plant or defuse the spike makes Gekko a very useful agent in Valorant. Make sure you take advantage of the Wingman when possible. Typically, an attacking team is at a disadvantage when they plant or defuse the spike, due to the lack of weapons aimed at the enemy. If Wingman takes care of that part, you can always be fair in a fight.
Wingman plantar
  • If you don’t have good cover for the harmless plant, you can lure the Wingman. Remember that the Wingman runs and makes the same sound with or without the spike. This can be used to confuse the enemy, possibly causing him to come out of hiding. Once your Wingman is dead, you can reclaim it and use it for planting or defusing. You can also activate the peak sound during disarming to activate enemy postplants or emplacements early. Make sure you send Wingman from cover so you won’t be spotted and killed.
  • Learn to use Dizzy: Dizzy is a great utility for Gekko. If you can use it at the right time, you can always get a good price out of it. Keep in mind that Dizzy may not be a typical flash, but it can be fast. Throw Dizzy higher in the air for more airtime. The more time Dizzy spends in the air, the more targets he can blind in that time. Try throwing it over walls and vents to stay protected.
Throwing giddily through air vents
  • If you throw the Dizzy early, make sure one of your duelists is peeking from that corner. To avoid being blinded by Dizzy, the enemy will try to shoot him. When the enemy focuses on it, an early look can yield an easy first blood point. You can also get the Dizzy back when no enemies are available by using your passive skills.
  • Use the passive for skill reuse: Speaking of regaining the ability, Gekko is great at it. Expect the mosh pit, Dizzy can grab his abilities after using them. Make sure you take advantage of it. You can also throw your skills closer to you so you can easily retrieve them after using them. If you use Thrash for exploration purposes, make sure you bring it closer and retrieve it for further use.
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Valorant Gekko: Weakness and Counters

  • In Valorant, every initiator’s nightmare is an opponent Kaj/o. Kay/o can use her discretion to keep the utilities at bay and make your initiations uncomfortable. Using early ZERO/POINT or NULL/CMD may cause Gekko to exit.
  • Some inspectors like it Sulfur or Astra can also make it difficult for a Gekko to send in its Wingman or Thrash. Both Brimstone and Astra can block Gekko utilities with smoke or other time delay utilities. Astra can also withdraw Wingman during the installation or deactivation period to slow down the process.
  • Gekko is good at corner-friendly cards. However, you can go for a better initiator in cards like Sunset or Ascent. On these maps, Gekko cannot fully utilize his abilities because the locations are tight in smaller places with lots of hiding places.
  • Last but not least is being bad to operator agents. Yes, Gekko’s skills are good for close combat, which is why you can’t surrender your utilities and take a look at an operator agent like Skye or Kay/o. Make sure you stay away from long-range combat.

Valorant Gekko Voice Actor, Story and Origin

From the streets of East LA, California comes Gekko. He was originally a street artist known for his graffiti work. Gekko comes from a rough neighborhood and has always been a positive person and protective of his allies. This nature is reflected in its voice lines and interactions with other agents.

Street Fighter 6 voice actor Alejandro Antonio Ruiz has lent his voice to Gekko. Being from the suburbs of Los Angeles, Ruiz was flawlessly the perfect voice for Gekko, who was also born in LA. Ruiz also appeared in The Callisto Protocol.

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