How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft (Easy Guide)

Minecraft is filled with all kinds of different and unique mobs with every new update add new mobs to the game. These mobs can be passive, neutral, or hostile to the player and play a major role in the overall gameplay. From cows, chickens, pigs and sheep useful in the early game to burners, shulkers and bosses like the Wither or the Ender Dragon which are essential to the progression of the game. However, there are certain ones Minecraft mobs that players can befriend and bond with.

These are companion animals, consisting of cats, donkeys, horses, llamas, mules, parrots, trader llamas and wolves. In this guide, we are going to teach you how to tame a wolf into a dog, an amazing Minecraft pet that has several important uses.

How to tame a wolf in Minecraft

What is a wolf in Minecraft?

Wolf is a neutral gang that can become aggressive if the player attacks one of the nearby wolves. They spawn and live in packs. You can tame and tame these fluffy creatures and turn them into a dog. A tamed wolf or dog provides a loyal friend and support in battles against enemy gangs. And once you’re tamed, you can breed wolves with their favorite food.

Tools you need to tame wolves

The only item you need to tame a wolf in Minecraft is bones. The most reliable way to get bones is to kill any type of skeleton – whether they are regular skeletons, wither skeletons, skeleton horses and strays. You can also find bones in chests in the following structures:

  • Dungeons
  • Old cities
  • Desert temples
  • Jungle temples
  • Forest country houses
Bone in an item frame and a skeleton next to it during the night

All the structures mentioned above have a high chance of generating bones in chests, but the Jungle Temple has the highest chance. Make sure you bring at least a few bones if you want to tame a single wolf.

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Where to find a wolf in Minecraft?

To answer your next question, the wolf pack spawns naturally in the forest biomes in Minecraft. These include:

  • Forests
  • Taiga
  • Forests
  • Old growth taigas
  • Snowy Taigas
  • afind all their variants (except in the Flower Forests)
Wild adult wolf and a pup in the forest biome

Mostly the wolf pack spawns in packs of four of which 10% are puppies. Furthermore, once you find the wolves, you are not allowed to hit them, even accidentally. Wolves, like bees and zombified pigs, will battle you and attack you if you hurt even one gang in the group. If you accidentally tap them, you will notice very quickly that they are angry, because they start growling and their eyes turn red and, honestly, they look quite scary.

Tame a wolf in Minecraft: a step-by-step guide

Once you’ve found a wolf and obtained some bones, it’s time to tame the crowd and take that cutie with you.

  1. First, place the bones on your Minecraft hotbar and select them.
  2. Then just walk up to a wolf and right click it with the bones.
  3. You will see the black particles appear if the wolf was not tamed immediately.
Black particles above a wolf, indicating that it has not yet been tamed in Minecraft
  1. So you can just keep right clicking on it with his favorite snack. Each bone has about a 1 in 3 chance of taming a wolf, so it’s basically random.
  2. Once you tame the wolf in Minecraft, heart particles will appear above his head, indicating that he now loves you.
  3. The tamed dog will then sit when you play the Java version of Minecraft.
Feeding a wolf some bones and heart particles that appear above it, indicating that you have successfully tamed it, making it a dog in Minecraft
  1. You can ‘tell’ it to get up by right-clicking on it again. You can do the same thing by ‘telling it’ to sit back down.
  2. The dog’s collar is red by default, but you can use any collar color painting in Minecraft to change the color of the collar.
Different colored collars of tamed wolves or dogs in Minecraft
  1. If you get far away from the dog, don’t worry, as it will teleport right back to you when standing.
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Why would you even need to tame a wolf?

Is it actually worth taming a wolf in Minecraft? Even though you have traveled far with you elytra and you have to take him back to your base with breaks so that he catches up with you? Well, we can tell you that it is definitely worth it. So let’s discuss every reason why your Minecraft dog is useful.

  • Wolves attack skeletons Automatically
Tamed wolves attacking a skeleton

Since you primarily use bones to tame a wolf, skeletons and their variants fear these furry animals. Not only that, but if your dog is standing, he will automatically attack any skeleton within range, without being attacked first. This can be a great way to ensure that no pesky skeleton sneaks up on you. However, tamed wolves do not automatically attack other enemy mobs.

  • Attack any mob or player that attacks the owner
Dogs that attack a cow after the player hits it

Not only will your faithful dogs protect you, but they will also aid you in battle. If you hunt enemy mobs at night for various drops, consider taking your tamed wolf with you. When standing, they will attack any mob and even another player that attacks their owner. They don’t do much damage individually, but a whole pack can be quite deadly.

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Additionally, wolves in Minecraft have the same amount of HP as the player when you tame them, but make sure their health is replenished. Also the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 contender, armadillo, drops scales that you can use to create armor for wolves, making them even stronger. Is the armadillo worth voting for this year?

You can see how much health your dog has by looking at the angle between the tail and the hind legs. If the tail is low, they have low HP and vice versa. To heal your dog, you can right-click on it with any type of meat (raw or cooked) and even with meat that is poisonous to the player, such as rotten meat, raw chicken and puffer fish (your dog raw cod, raw salmon , feeding puffer fish, tropical fish, boiled cod, boiled salmon and rabbit stew only cures it on the Bedrock edition).

In some farm designs, tamed dogs can even serve an important purpose. You can position your dog in a specific spot and have him automatically attack the mobs the farm produces. This way the wolf’s kill counts as the player’s kill and you can get valuable drops without killing anything.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a cute dog in their Minecraft base? Especially in combination with the right texture packs in Minecraft, you can choose what the wolf looks like. Because even though they are sweet, we would really appreciate more dog variants in the game.

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