How to Tell If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone (2022)

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It is indeed frustrating when someone does not respond to your calls or messages even after you have made several attempts to contact them. The lack of response points to two pretty obvious things. You will be ignored or blocked. While you can give the other person the benefit of the doubt due to a sudden device failure, hectic lifestyle, or connectivity issues, there is a limit to everything. While there is no definitive way to tell if someone has blocked your number on iPhone, we have come up with some workable methods for you to see if someone has blocked your number on iPhone.

6 ways to check if someone has blocked your number on iPhone

Keep in mind that there are multiple reasons why your calls may not get through or the messages may not reach the destination. So be sure to check all the downsides before coming to a conclusion.

Send a polite text and wait for the response

Probably the easiest way to know if someone has blocked your number on iPhone is to message and check the reply. So, give this handy tip to get the mystery out of the way.

  • Navigate to the Apple Messages app on your iPhone -> select the conversation thread -> type a short friendly message and send it.
  • If you get the “Delivered” warning right below the sent message, that means you are not blocked. That person is most likely trying to ignore you.
  • However, if you get a notification like “Not delivered” or you don’t see any notification at all, that means your number may be blocked.

On the other hand, note that bad bad mobile connection or random iMessage errors can also prevent messages from being delivered successfully. Not to mention that the other person may have turned on airplane mode to keep calls and messages away for peace of mind. So if your message isn’t delivered, please wait for some time (even hours) and then try again.

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Try calling the person and checking the voicemail

If you’re trying to call someone and the call is repeatedly forwarded to voicemail on your iPhone, it’s a sign of a possible block. However, you should not jump straight ahead. If they are talking to someone else and choose to decline your call, your call will go to voicemail. Therefore, stop thinking too much and wait some time for them to respond.

What if the call rings once and then goes to voicemail?

If your call rings once or half and goes to voicemail on your iOS device, it’s another indication that your number may have been blacklisted. It is worth pointing out that if the phone is turned off or the battery is empty, your call goes straight to voicemail. Like a Focus mode is turned on, it may disrupt the flow of your call. So make sure you don’t read too much into the straight-to-voicemail situation and ring again after a while.

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Enter *67 before dialing

A smart way to check if your number is blocked on iOS is to disable the Caller ID and then call the other person. What makes it so useful is the ability to hide and show your number “Private” “Anonymous” or “Restricted” on the receiver’s caller ID readout. People who work in sensitive areas such as law enforcement or who need to make business calls use this feature to hide their phone numbers.

  • So add *67 before the phone number and then call. For example *67895454475. If your call rings normally or the person answers, chances are your number is blocked.
  • You can check the caller ID Wikipedia page to find out the codes to disable Caller ID in your country. Note that not all countries allow Caller ID to be turned off. It is also important to note that it cannot be masked on calls to emergency numbers such as 911 or 112.
  • In addition, iOS also provides a setting that allows you to hide your caller ID. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone -> Phone -> Show my caller ID and then turn off the switch.

Ask a mutual friend to call them

Many people prefer not to answer calls without a caller ID. Even if the call rings once and goes to voicemail, they may have declined the call.

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When someone (like your friend or loved one) doesn’t answer your call or respond to your messages, the best way to get out of the deadlock is to bring in a mutual friend. You can ask one of your friends to give the person a courtesy call. If the mutual friend is able to communicate with the person, it is a clear indication that you are on their block list.

Why not ask them in person?

The longer you carry any doubt in your heart, the deeper the pain will become. You can often solve a problem simply by communicating honestly and clearly. So why not ask them in person: Have you blocked me on your phone? If they have, you may get an immediate response. And if they did it by accident, the problem would be solved.

Easy Ways to Find Out If Someone Has Blocked Your Number on iOS

That’s all! Hopefully you have found the right ways to check if someone has blocked your number on iPhone. As I mentioned above, it is always better to check all possible villains before jumping to any conclusion. So make sure you handle this frustrating situation with an extra ounce of patience. And if you need to, never hesitate to ask the other person if they really put you on the block list. Who knows, this straightforward approach may keep your relationship from being broken for good.

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