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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, but for some reason the owners of Facebook saw no need to create a WhatsApp app for the Apple Watch. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch. Here’s an overview of how to set things up and what you can and can’t do with WhatsApp on Apple Watch.

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To get limited WhatsApp functions on an Apple Watch, connect your watch to your phone via Bluetooth. Then enable WhatsApp notifications in both the iOS settings and the Watch app. You can now reply to text messages with voice dictation.


Can you get WhatsApp on Apple Watch?

At the time of writing, WhatsApp owner Facebook has yet to release an official version for the Apple Watch. Many people are convinced that such an app will never appear, as Facebook has a desire to integrate WhatsApp more strongly into Facebook Messenger and Instagram chat.

However, you can still receive limited WhatsApp functions on your Apple Watch in the form of notifications of new messages. You can also reply to messages with voice dictation. However, you cannot enter message replies or view media in messages, such as: B. Pictures.

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Connect or disconnect WhatsApp from Apple Watch

First, make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your iPhone and your Apple Watch is connected to this Bluetooth connection. You can check this by clicking on Settings—> Bluetooth.

ios bluetooth

You have to have it, of course WhatsApp installed on your iPhone and enable WhatsApp notifications in the iPhone settings. You can allow notifications on your iPhone by going to. walk Settings—> Notifications—> WhatsApp. turn on Allow notificationsand enable all three warnings.

WhatsApp iOS notifications

Now go to your Apple Watch app (if you haven’t installed it yet, you can get it here). Go to Notifications and scroll down to the section labeled MIRROR IPHONE WARNINGS FROM. turn on Whatsapp At the bottom.

iOS Apple Watch app

From now on, all WhatsApp notifications that you received on your iPhone will appear on your Apple Watch. To deactivate these notifications in the future, simply deactivate WhatsApp in the Notifications Section.

View and reply to WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch

Now whenever a new message comes in from your iPhone on WhatsApp, a notification will appear on your watch face. It shows the WhatsApp logo and who the message came from. Note that you cannot access older archived WhatsApp messages – you can only see new ones.

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whatsapp ios 1

Tap the message to read it. Please note that images are blurry and invisible, and voice messages cannot be heard on the watch. To do this, you need to go to your phone.

whatsapp ios message

Reject deletes it from the screen and marks it as read in the WhatsApp iOS app. If you are there. Ticks Reject, you can never bring the message back to the Apple Watch screen again.

Tap on . to reply to an SMS answer. You then have the choice between three answer methods. The first is called short pre-configured answers Suggestions. If you tap on one, it will instantly be sent to the other person on WhatsApp.

whatsapp ios short answers before configuration

You can also scribble in the center of the screen with your finger and (hopefully) the clock can read your writing and turn it into text.

whatsapp ios answers

You can also tap the microphone icon in the lower right corner to dictate your answer. You can also insert the appropriate smiley using the emoji symbol.

Are there any third party WhatsApp apps for the Apple Watch?

There are plenty of third-party WhatsApp apps out there – some good, some not so good. But for those who work with the Apple Watch, there is a good one that addresses some of the issues mentioned above.


So what’s the point? You can read old messages, listen to and send voice messages, and type replies with a rudimentary keyboard just like you typed text messages on old-fashioned cell phones. You can also watch videos, view stickers and pictures, start a new chat, and more.

Currently not. You can’t take WhatsApp calls on Apple Watch. You will receive notifications of WhatsApp calls, but to make a WhatsApp call you will need to use your phone or the desktop app.

My Apple Watch doesn’t vibrate or notify me when it receives a message.

If you’re just missing one sound, you probably have Do Not Disturb turned on on your watch. To turn it off, swipe up on your watch face to access settings. If the red bell icon has a diagonal line, tap the icon once and the red line will disappear.

If your watch doesn’t vibrate when it receives a notification, go to your Watch app and select Sound and feel. To ensure Silent mode is out and Haptic notifications is on.

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