How to use WhatsApp on two or more phones

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If you have more than one phone, say one for your personal life and one for your work, you may have trouble syncing your information between devices. This is especially true for WhatsApp. Officially, the company doesn’t allow the same number to be used with more than one device. So syncing your WhatsApp messages between two devices officially becomes impossible. But there is another way – but not the most elegant solution.

How to use WhatsApp on two or more phones

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How to use WhatsApp on two or more phones

Let’s refer to the two devices as phone one and phone two. Phone One has installed the WhatsApp app, with the phone number officially registered in the settings. Phone One also has all of the previous call logs and media. Now you want to use the same number on WhatsApp from phone two, access these conversations and media attachments, and sync all changes on both devices.

Instead, this is one of the ways to use WhatsApp Web. On phone two, open your internet browser and go to Request the desktop version of the website right away. The mobile version of the site will automatically transfer the app to you.

Whatsapp Android desktop site

When it switches to the desktop site, you will see the QR code for device pairing.

WhatsApp Android desktop view

I want to call one, go to Settings—> Paired Devices. crane Pair a device and when the QR code scanner pops up, scan the code on phone two.

iPhone settings paired devices
WhatsApp Android desktop

Using this method on iOS Safari, you can ask Safari to put a direct link to WhatsApp Web on your home screen for easier access.

Add ios to the home screen

Unfortunately not. The WhatsApp app only accepts one number. If this number is used by WhatsApp on another phone, WhatsApp will tell you that the number is already in use and ask for another number.

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