How to Vote in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 [Easy Guide]

The most exciting time of the year for Minecraft fans is here, and we can’t keep calm. All the new mobs for the much-anticipated Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 have been revealed, and they are astonishing, to say the least. All three mobs bring new mechanics to the game, and one of them aims to change the flowers and crops system in minecraft forever. But none of that matters if you don’t know how to vote for the new mobs to pick the winner during Minecraft Live 2022. That’s why we are stepping in with all the methods you can use to vote in Minecraft’s Mob Vote 2022, including an option to vote in-game for your favorite new mob. With that said, there is no time to waste. Let’s dive in and get ready to vote!

How to Vote in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022

How to Vote for New Minecraft Mobs (2022)

We will first cover the new mob options and their mechanics, followed by the voting process. If you already know about the mobs, use the table below to skip and read about the different voting methods.

New Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Options

This year’s choices for new mobs that you can choose to bring to Minecraft are:

  • sniffer: A dinosaur-like mob that digs out plantable seeds which grow into unique plants.
  • rascal: Exclusive to the caves of the overworld, this mob plays hide-and-seek with players and drops rare items as a reward.
  • Tuff Golem: Part of the golem family, Tuff Golem is a decorative mob that picks up items and strolls around randomly.

If you want to dig deeper and learn more details about the new upcoming mobs, use our dedicated guide to Minecraft Mob Vote 2022.

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When Will Minecraft New Mob Vote Take Place?

The polling for Minecraft’s Mob Vote 2022 will starts on Oct 14 at 12 PM ET (11:00 AM C.T., 9:00AM PST, or 9:30 PM IST), a day before the official Minecraft Live 2022 stream. You will be able to vote for your favorite new mob for 24 hours.

During this time, you can change your vote to an unlimited number of times. Nothing is final until 12 PM ET (11:00 AM CT, 9:00 AM PST, or 9:30 PM IST) on October 15when the mob vote closes.

Mob Vote: Round 2 (Expected)

As you can figure out, the initial poll takes place between three mobs. But, if it’s anything like previous community votes, the top two mobs in the first round will compete again for the final position. For now, the developers haven’t revealed any details for a second round.

Though, we expect to see the poll to re-open during the Minecraft Live event. But even if the vote ends in only one round, the live event will reveal the final winner only on October 15, 2022.

How to Vote for New Mobs in Minecraft Live 2022

You can participate in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 and vote for the next mob coming to the game in the following three ways:

  • An Exclusive Bedrock Edition Server
  • Java Edition section of the Minecraft launcher
  • Official Website

Since all of these options are going to be connected to your Microsoft + Mojang account, you can only cast one vote for your mob. Though, beware of any unofficial polls on Twitter or any other website. Voting on only the official sources will impact the final results.

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note: The described options will only be available and active starting October 14 at 12 PM ET. That said, let’s go over the steps to cast your vote in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022.

Vote on the Special Bedrock Server

Follow these steps to vote for the new mob on the official Minecraft Bedrock vote server set up for this occasion:

1. First, launch Minecraft Bedrock on PC, console, or mobile. then, click on the “Minecraft Live” button present on the home screen.

2. Then, the game will show you details of the main event. Click on the “Vote on Server” button to join the Bedrock server.

3. Once you are inside the server, you need to go to the voting area of ​​your favorite mob and use the liver with its name. The game will display the message of acceptance of your vote. Then, you can leave the server or stick around to play some mini games.

Mob Vote in Minecraft Launcher

As soon as the voting goes live, the Minecraft Launcher will show a vote option with the three new mobs. You can select your favorite mob and cast your vote. Later, you can easily change your vote within 24 hours until the mob vote ends.

Mob Vote on the Minecraft Website

As per our testing, the most reliable way to vote for your favorite mob is by using the official website. It doesn’t have to face the stress of multiple players present on a server and can be accessed on all platforms. Follow the steps below to vote on the official Minecraft site:

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1. First, go to Minecraft’s official website and log in with your Microsoft account.

2. Then, when the voting goes live on October 14, click on the “Mob Vote” button.

3. Finally, choose your favorite mob and click on the vote button. The website will accept your vote and display an acceptance message.

Beebom New Mob Vote: What’s Your Pick?

Now that you know how to cast your vote in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022, it’s time to deal with the dreadful waiting period. The results won’t be revealed until the later segment of the Minecraft Live event. However, to counter the wait, we are conducting an UNOFFICIAL public opinion poll. You can use it to share your opinion.

note: Your vote on our website doesn’t count towards the official new mob for Minecraft 1.20. It’s only a testament to public opinion for estimating the final results.

Cast Your Vote in Minecraft Live’s Mob Vote 2022

From Sniffer’s collection of new plants to the Rascal’s enchanted drops, there is a lot on the table. But only time will tell what makes it into the next Minecraft update. Though, these mobs aren’t the only thing you should be looking forwards too. We have made a complete list of all the desired features of the Minecraft 1.20 update that you shouldn’t miss. Not to forget, you can get some on them early by using some of the best Minecraft mods. With that said, which mob are you rooting for this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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