HTC to Launch a High-End Android Phone with ‘Metaverse’ Features in April 2022

HTC to Launch a High-End Android Phone with ‘Metaverse’ Features in April 2022

There was a time when HTC was a well-known brand in the smartphone segment. The Taiwanese company, however, saw its decline and shifted its focus to VR. Since then, it has only been releasing low-end to mid-premium smartphones in select markets. This might change soon as HTC has hinted at the launch of a new flagship Android smartphone with advanced VR features for the metaverse.

HTC metaverse smartphone launch soon

At the ongoing MWC 2022 event, HTC’s General Manager for the Asia-Pacific region, Charles Huang said (via DigiTimes Asia) that the company will launch a new high-end smartphone in the market in April. Although Huang did not provide an exact launch date, he added that it would come with certain VR features that will be helpful for “metaverse” functions

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HTC aims to cater to metaverse enthusiasts with its upcoming high-end smartphone. And considering the company’s past experiences in the AR/ VR industry and the blockchain system, we can expect it to deliver on this promise. Although it would be interesting to see how (and what features) HTC implements the functions in a smartphone.

The arrival of a new HTC phone can mean the company is gearing up to get back in the smartphone game, which is dominated by Apple, Samsung, and various Chinese brands. It remains to be seen how HTC’s attempt will fare in the market and whether or not its latest hype-driven attempt will be fruitful.

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Now, it is worth mentioning that other than confirming the VR features, HTC did not reveal any information about its upcoming smartphone as of now† So, we have no idea about the processor, memory, or other specs. Additionally, we don’t know if the phone will be exclusive to certain regions or will be available globally, including in India.

Nevertheless, details on the upcoming HTC phone’s launch date and more information are likely to surface in the coming days. We will keep you in the loop. Meanwhile, check out our in-depth story on the concept of metaverse to learn what it is and how it works. Also, let us know your thoughts about the upcoming HTC phone with metaverse features in the comments below.

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