Instagram Might Soon Allow Users to Record 90-Second Reels

Instagram Might Soon Allow Users to Record 90-Second Reels

While there are many Tips and Tricks for Instagram Reels that you can use to create engaging short video content, you can’t currently post Reels videos longer than 60 seconds. That could change soon, though, as Instagram is currently working on extending the Reels duration to allow users to share longer videos on the platform. Let’s see the details below.

increase instagram reels duration

90 second rolls on the go

Instagram seems to be working on extend the maximum duration of Reels videos to 90 seconds, according to a recent Twitter post from renowned tipster and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi. This will most likely replace the current 60-second roll limit.

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When this happens, users will be able to create longer reels, which will allow them to make their short videos more interesting and include more content in them. One thing to note is that Paluzzi was able to access this change through his reverse engineering skills, and you don’t have access to it yet. We also don’t know if (and when) it will reach all of us as part of the stable release.

For those who don’t know, Instagram introduced roles to compete with the very popular short video app TikTok in 2020. This acted as a TikTok alternative in India, where the app has been banned in the same year. Since then, the meta-company has had several TikTok-Like Features to Reels to make it a comparable platform. Instagram, however, still sticks to Reels’ 60-second duration, even though TikTok has extended its limit to 3 minutes last year.

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Since it competes head-to-toe with TikTok, we expect Instagram to roll out the feature soon with a future update. What do you think of the new 90-second roll time? Do you think it would be helpful for creators and viewers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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