Instagram Will Focus More on Videos and Transparency in 2022: CEO Adam Mosseri

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Instagram recently throwing off its “just a photo sharing app” image with a focus on video content in the form of Reels and IGTV. We’ve seen the introduction of several new features this year to help creators create short and long video content. And now Meta’s social media platform is looking to continue its video-centric approach (with a focus on more aspects), as CEO Adam Mosseri has listed the company’s priorities for 2022.

Instagram Will Focus More on Videos and Transparency in 2022: CEO Adam Mosseri

Instagram doubles videos

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Mosseri revealed via a short video shared on Twitter: Instagram’s top four priorities in 2022. The first is, as you might expect, video content. The platform plans to double focus on videos, meaning we can expect multiple new features for Reels, IGTV, and even the feed which may have more videos than posts.

The focus on video content reiterates the fact that Instagram is not just a photo sharing app and aims to grow its video products in the coming year as in 2021.

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Another aspect Instagram will focus on is transparency. The platform wants users to know more about how it works and can introduce more features so that people have more control over the service. This is in addition to the platform’s recent efforts to talk about the algorithms used and the privacy features it introduced. The goal is to make the platform more reliable and understandable. We hope Instagram can work well in this regard and introduce a much safer place for all of us!

The app will also focus on messaging for users to communicate better, as messaging, as Mosseri points out, is the “primary form of communication.” Since we are talking about video content, content creators will also be a priority for Instagram in 2022 and we can expect new features for them as well.

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Of course, Mosseri hasn’t revealed what’s in the pipeline, but we can expect more details as we head into 2022 next week. What do you think of Instagram’s vision for 2022? What new features do you want to see on Instagram? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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