Intel Meteor Lake Surfaces on yet Another Laptop Lineup!

Intel’s upcoming 14th generation mobile CPUs for laptops are based on Meteor lake architecture has resurfaced. This time we get to see the specification of the HP Specter X360, which shows that it will be included Intel Core Ultra!

The leak comes from the X user @momomo_us, which has shared many such hardware leaks in the past. The full spec sheet of two different HP laptops (Specter X360 2024 lineup) have been leaked here. We will focus more on the Intel Core Ultra 14th generation processor in there.

HP Specter X360 with Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake leaked online

This is the HP Specter X360, a convertible laptop with an impressive 14-inch OLED (2.8K). The leaked image shows that it will also have a stylus. The spec sheet lists other powerful specs such as 16 GB LPDDR5x 6400 MHz memory, 1 TB SSD and Intel Arc Graphics.

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We already know from previous leaks that the Intel Arc graphics will be decent impressive. The new integrated Meteor Lake Arc GPU will raise the bar for how fast the onboard graphics processing chip becomes in the upcoming Intel chips. The leaked spec sheets show the X360 laptops with the following features: Intel Core Ultra 5 or Intel Core Ultra 7 processors. Check out these CPU specs, as mentioned in the leak:

Processor Leaked specifications
Intel Core Ultra 5 125H Up to 4.50 GHz, 18 MB L3 cache, 14 cores and 18 threads
Intel Core Ultra 7 155H Up to 4.80 GHz, 24 MB L3 cache, 16 cores and 22 threads
Leaked specs of Intel 14th Gen Core Ultra (source: @momomo_us/X)

  • Intel Meteor Lake surfaces in yet another range of laptops!
  • Intel Meteor Lake surfaces in yet another range of laptops!

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Both will be powerful chips belonging to the Ultra class of Intel 14th generation CPUs. Meteor Lake based MSI laptops which were the first to leak with the 14th generation.

Other features of the laptop include WiFi 7 support, fast charging, a fingerprint reader and quad speakers. HP also states ‘AI chip‘ as one of the laptop’s input device functions. HP (and other laptop makers too) is looking forward to advertising its new Meteor Lake-based laptops with ‘built-in AI technology‘ functions.

Intel introduces a NPU chip in its new Meteor Lake CPUs. The NPU will be responsible for this AI processing on the device. Intel has already talked about it plan to integrate innovative AI features into many upcoming laptops from 2024. The company has confirmed that it will officially launch them on its AI everywhere event, which will take place in mid-December!

The price mentioned here is $1999.99 for the HP Specter X360 with Intel Core Ultra 7 processor. Please note that neither HP nor Intel has confirmed the above information. The CPU models, laptop features, performance metrics and prices are all subject to change before the actual launch.

What do you think of this leak on HP’s upcoming Meteor Lake laptop, Specter X360? Are you excited about Intel’s 14th generation? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image courtesy: HP, edited by Satyam Kumar

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