Invincible x Fortnite: Leaks Reveal Omni-Man Is Coming to Fortnite

Invincible x Fortnite AND coverage

Fortnite and its list of collaborations expands with each new season. Earlier this year, Fortnite added Gojo, Megumi and others Jujutsu Kaisen Characters to the game. According to leaks, Fortnite is collaborate with Invinciblesand the superhero crew participates in the Battle Royale game.

According to leaks on X (formerly Twitter), Fortnite is bringing Omni-man, Invincible, and Atom Eve to the OG universe. In addition to the character skins, there are sprays, wraps and other useful rewards.

Omni-Man is coming to Fortnite

The leaks shared by X-user Shiina, linked below, revealed the first look at “Omni-man” in the Fortnite OG card season. This collaboration follows the announcement of Invincible Season 2 and the appearance of Omni-man in Mortal Kombat 1. This Fortnite skin seems a lot more familiar to the original art style, and fans are super excited about this collaboration.

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While we wait for the official announcement of this collaboration, the Invincible x Fortnite event will likely go live with the next Episode 7 update. Along with the Omni-Man skin, we also get a glimpse of the simple yet attractive appearance of the Invincible himself in the game.

Both Omni-man and Invincible are fan favorites and will attract a lot of attention. However, the most fascinating and Fortnite-worthy looks are those of the Atom Eve character in the game. Her pink color outfit and dazzling appearance fit the Fortnite universe quite well. Overall, the character skins are accurate from the animated show streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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With this new partnership, the Fortnite community is more hyped than ever for the ongoing Invincible season. Tell us in the comments what collaboration you want to see next from Fortnite. While you wait for these characters to join the battle, you will find all the hidden things gnomes in Fortnite to earn a lot of XP.

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